You know that weird thing anime blogs do whenever a new season of anime is announced? That really, really weird thing where all they do is talk about impressions? Who does that, right? Haha! Only weirdos and freaks do that! Monsters, all of them !

…here is a collection of our own first impressions.

Spring 2012 

  1. Space Bros
  2. A Woman Named Fujiko Hime
  3. Medaka Box
  4. Sankarea
  5. Fate/Zero
  6. Mysterious Girlfriend X
  7. Summer-tinged Miracles ( Natsuiro Kiseki)
  8. Accel World
  9. Saki- Achiga Chapter of Side A
  10. Place to Place
  11. Upotte!!
  12. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
  13. Creep up! Nyarlko-san
  14. Jormungand
  15. Kids on the Slope
  16. ~Shining Hearts~ The Bread of Happiness
  17. Angling Ball (Tsuritama)
  18. Hyouka

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