Editor’s note: wooh, a reaper with flaming eyes, scary~


About Me
I am CyborgCommunist, another teenager from the puny lil island of Singapore and i’ll be taking over Azure’s place as the youngest on this blog.
I’m a open and friendly person but i’m also quite detached sometimes. (i’m also a tad bit insane)
On the 9 point chart of human character, I would be Chaotic good so expect some views that go against norms of society and reasoning
In Real Life, I’ve been told I look like an Emo kid just w/o the black makeup (and physically large and kinda intimidating)

I’m (obviously) interested in the Japanese culture although i just started watching anime and reading manga seriously at the dawn of 2011.
Also interested in philosophy and psychology (mostly arguing about them)
I’m also interested in Warhammer 40k (i play the PC games and the tabletop and have read lots of novels on it) and gaming (mostly FPS and RTS and Minecraft ^.^)
I’m like @fkeroge. We both have an intense passion for Yuri so you’ll have to pardon the pics of GL sometimes (although his burning flame for it is probably bigger…..)
I tend to not like to share my passion for otaku-ness to others except close friends so my online life as CyborgCommunist is somewhat a secret. (shush, don’t tell a soul or i’ll kill ya)

When i blog, i do tend to rant a bit resulting in some really long posts. I could also be quite whimsical and over-passionate ( i would say enthusiastic though ^.^)
I’m open to all sort of comments and criticism (except trolling which is just annoying. unless i’m the one doing it)

My Youtube Channel

P.S. Editor’s note: Bitches and whores want to plaster their links over everything like a rat marks its territory with pee. Here’s a link to his blog, Interests of a Psychopath.

5 Responses to CyborgCommunist

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  2. …………nice postscript..well played admin, well played

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