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Who am I: The other teenager from that tiny tropical island Singapore, also midway through school. Author of the now deceased CrimsonKismet . Possibly the youngest second youngest member of AOIA and also the only female one; albeit with the soul of a dirty old man.

Describe yourself: Afflicted with a certain degree of sadism, narcissism and sloth, Azure happens to be a huge art fag next to being an avid lazy seiyuu fan. As big of a yuri fan as @fkeroge, as random as Valence. Typing errors are the bane of her online life.

Is actually a socially awkward Secondary 4 student who spends more time drawing than actually preparing for her GCE O levels coming up this November. /student awaiting her GCE O level results whilst working in an office and desperately trying to collate a portfolio after finally finding a goal in life/a mass communications freshman at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. First encountered the internet in 2006 and allegedly watched Evangelion with her father (whom was supposed to be babysitting) when she was barely one.

Looks like and is a living version of Hiyori Tamura from Lucky Star; just taller, more socially awkward and lazier.

Highly confident that she will not loose any battle on paper so long as drawing in involved. Has many personal projects, none of which are anywhere close to completion. Can sketch the head shot of any character when given reference in 10 minutes, but will only do it if she likes the character in question.

Special abilities include staying awake for 4 days straight, impossibly godlike patience and lying.

The only guy she will date is Katsuragi Keima. Holds misplaced affection for Kurisu Makise. Is a huge fan of the pigeon VN, Hatoful Boyfriend and likes shapely sexy legs.

Also, she likes referring to herself in third person. A lot. Probably something to do with that narcissism of hers.

Additional Information: Likes Nana Mizuki. Is obsessed with beautiful legs (2D or 3D) and thus her recent tsundere relationship with Girls Generation. Perpetually poor as she spends all her money on stationery and paper products (being an artist is suffering): Will draw for money.

Links: Deviantart || Pixiv || Twitter || Tumblr

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