Spring 2012 First Impressions – Creep up! Nyarlko-san

Did you guys lose SAN points too?

Since I’m a lowly commoner without any working knowledge about H.P. Lovecraft’s works, I hope this uninformed and unprofessional first impressions post would be enough to satiate your need for reading about other people’s thoughts about Japanese cartoons.

As far as I know, Nyarlathotep (did I even spell it right?) is a deity of madness and chaos from the Cthulhu Mythos. Unfortunately, that’s about everything I know about it. Not that it matters, though. Lovecraft references are just here to… what are they here for again?

So far, I see no purpose for all these Lovecraft references. I can see any kind of mythology fitting in with the setting, but I guess formless deities of madness and chaos are much more moe. But why the heck am I complaining about these things anyway? This is anime, anything goes.

Coming from a top-notch QUALITY studio like XEBEC, I kinda expected this to suck. I mean, XEBEC is usually just a step up from crappy flash animation that the anime industry seems to be so keen on nowadays. Fortunately though, the animation itself kinda turned out nice – the colors aren’t as washed out as their other show this season and there seems to be a lot of relatively fluid movements to be seen. However, these upgrades in animation in some parts of the show did mean that they had to allocate most of their budget to them. The painfully long montage of stills and pans in the episode are more than a bit noticeable.

Again, voice acting saves the day here. The writing’s attempts at humor are just plain bad. You have generic anime and game parody, cliched anime jokes and all those otaku culture references that I have seen done more than a bajillion times before. Nyarlko’s VA Kana Asumi did a great job of making a lot of the jokes funnier with her sheer energy, and that may be the sole reason why I enjoyed this show. I didn’t care about the blandness of the other characters or the show’s general stupidity just because Nyarlko’s hyper-ness was enough to keep me entertained.

Nyarlko is lowbrow entertainment, but entertainment nonetheless. Some will like it, more will hate it. I’m with the ones who like it, as long as this level of energy is maintained.

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  1. Emperor J says:

    I actually disagree for the about this being low quality. There are enough visual gags in the episode to have to watch it over again. Then again, episode 2 things could fall off a cliff.

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