Alternatively: Piecake

Who am I: A 19-year old university student in America,
just passing his freshman year. I’m currently studying Biochemistry, but have been considering exploring more classes in computer science. I thoroughly enjoy anime, especially movies, Vocaloids, and anything
relating to the two.

Describe Yourself: If I had to take the cliche route and
choose three words, I’d settle on: curious, open, and friendly. I have a love for learning and acquiring something new. I’m a fairly reserved person while at school or work, but if I have somebody’s attention, I engage. I spend a lot of time online involved in social activities or
communities. I even watch anime at least half of the time with other people. That being said, most people see me as somewhat of a loner for whatever reason, probably my gaming/anime habits. Oh, and I love a good OST.

This will be my first attempt doing any serious blogging, but I do write a
lot in my spare time. I see the written word as a way to share and express
ideas that can be difficult to do conversationally.

Also I suck at “About Me” writing so I’ll just leave it there for now.

Additional Information:

  • I have a fascination with collecting and organizing pictures relating to specific characters. Around 60k by my last count.
  • First anime I actually downloaded (as opposed to watching it on adult swim at the time) was Tokyo Mew Mew. Heh heh.
  • Oddly, I’ve met many more Otaku while randomly striking up conversation on school campus than when I’ve actively attempted to find them.

Links: MyAnimeList | Twitter | Tumblr

4 Responses to Anima

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  3. AmIHidden says:

    Quite the interesting character we have here. Young but intelligent, somewhat mysterious yet out there at the same time. Very open about your beliefs and yet I feel like I am missing more on who you really are. Maybe I cannot become attached to you as I may the others without more blogs to distinguish you by.

    With this post I hope to request a bit more from you, I cannot wait much longer for results.


  4. softfang says:

    I really wish I could make friends with you guys… you all seem really intelligent, fun, and nice. I’ve been trying to find new online friends to make but nobody ever seems to want to.

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