This page contains all of AOIA’s coverage on Anime Festival Asia.

Anime Festival Asia X

  1. Exhibits and Figures
  2. Cosplayers
  3. Celebrities and Stars
  4. Black Rock Shooter Saga
  1. Announcement of Sequel
  2. Denial

Anime Festival Asia ’11

  1. Exhibits and figures (Day 1)
  2. Exhibits and figures (Day 2)
  3. Highlights for Booths
  4. Cosplayers (Day 1)
  5. Cosplayers (Day 2)
  6. Highlights for Cosplayers
  7. Overview of Day 2 and Day 3
  8. Concert Report
  9. Field Notes
  10. Final note: AFA-kun
  11. Loot
  12. Parting Words and Purchases
  13. Conclusion

8 Responses to AFA

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  2. Azure says:

    I just noticed that we have an AFA page, you should just try applying for a press pass next year Valence

    • Valence says:

      Provided that

      A: The blog gets larger (i.e. more mainstream recognition), might try and secure a domain name sooner or later.
      B: I’m still blogging by then
      C: I can attend AFA next year.

      How does one apply for a press pass anyway? I’ve always considered that but I fear that such a small blog like ours won’t be able to be convincing enough.

      • Azure says:

        Yes, A, B and C do apply…
        Doesn’t hurt to give it a try though; I believe you e mail the person in charge of media to apply for it…

        I’ve been meaning to actually get a booth at local events but I never found the guts to do it anyway…

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