Spring 2012 First Impressions – Accel World

When it comes to comparison, I strongly believe that when it comes to Reki Kawahara’s works, Sword Art Online is obviously the better banana. But as much as I want to just talk about Sword Art Online and call it a day, Accel World is still not too shabby.

I have seen a lot of complaints about the main character, some even going as far as calling Haruyuki the next OH MAH SHOE. I would like to disagree. I think Haruyuki’s self-pity was intended to direct sympathy away from him instead of to him. I think that you are supposed to not feel sorry for him. At least, I know I didn’t.

I’d like to think that this aspect of our main character is an antithesis to the expected reaction to a self-demeaning behavior. For example, when he tossed aside his childhood friend’s basket of sandwiches, instead of “Man, I feel sorry for this chump for being made fun of,” the viewer is expected to think “Man, this guy is just another bastard.” For that, I think Accel World deserves some credit.

There’s also the issue of the girl getting unusually close to a chubby protagonist. I don’t see this as a problem yet since Kuroyuki does seem to have ulterior motives for giving Haruyuki the Brain Burst software. I simply just can’t see this to be another blatant wish-fulfillment anime. Maybe I’m deluding myself here, but I wouldn’t put it above the writer to be able to write good stories, as he has done so in SAO.

Production values are pretty high, with the beautiful cityscapes and overall decent use of CGI. I’m not too much of a fan of the character designs, but they serve their purpose. All in all, this is a pretty decent anime to watch if you’re looking for something to kill time.


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9 Responses to Spring 2012 First Impressions – Accel World

  1. Alterego 9 says:

    I agree with that, for example Kuroyuki really seemed to have ulterior motives. Even if she won’t be revealed to be an manipulative villain, but someone who will really become a companion to Haruyuki, there will at least be a story behind why she is doing it.

    On the other hand, it’s mostly the show’s fault that they failed to properly communicate this, so even if we happened to see through it and enjoy it for what it really is, I think everyone else is entirely justified in hating it for not making that clear.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Indeed, the show makes it look like these tropes are being played straight. I’m still placing my money on a devastating twist, though.

  2. fabricerequin says:

    this anime looks very promising, its very interesting, people are complaining about haruyuki but i think he isn’t so bad, sure he is a loser but that leaves plenty of room for development in the next 23 episodes, i do hope he becomes a very good MC, i like characters who start off weak and wimpy but then become badass

    • Kat says:

      Everyone is complaining about the protagonist and it’s a bit annoying. Character development is obviously going to happen and he won’t be such a wimpy kid anymore.

  3. raisuke16 says:

    I agree to all the points you have raised…this seems so weird but I could sense romance between Haru and Kuro… 🙂

  4. Overlord-G says:

    So far this show looks generic and a few years too late to me…HOWEVER, a chubby guy is the main protagonist and to that I say…

    You don’t see many chubby anime male leads these days, much less chubby anime girls. Generic as the show is, chubby male lead FTW!

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