Spring 2012 First Impressions: Medaka Box

You know, there’s a lot I can say about this show.

There are so many things about this show I could complain about.

The overbearing ridiculous perfection that is Medaka, to the ludicrous scenes and imagery, to the lack of any interesting characters or sense. It’s so incredibly generic, bland and not to mention boring that I wonder what most of the hype was about. Medaka is so ridiculously talented at everything that I imagine that her overwhelming perfection is supposed to be her selling point, from how she won 98% of the school vote to how the entire school’s lives practically revolve around her very existence. She’s like the ultimate inverse Mary Sue. She has a ton of ideals and impossible dreams, yet she also excels at pretty much fucking everything. It just ain’t right.

depicted: Breasts, or mobile excess talent-carrying canisters? You decide.

One more thing: the character design. Whoo-ee. For a person who’s suppose to represent the most pristine of the school’s student population and the perfect leader of the student council, she kind of looks like a whore. Oh yeah, I said it. So I heard that the original design for Medaka was by an artist who drew mostly hentai. Big deal, animators, you don’t have to spend 50% or more of your budget on enhancing her cleavage and demonstrating your understanding of liquid-based physics in every fucking scene.

depicted: a keen eye for animation

Is this supposed to be entertaining for people to watch? I vaguely recall finishing Ben-To recently and feeling confusion at the weird DVD the fatso was trying to sell to Sato and thinking to myself: “That is one fucked-up DVD clip, dude.” This is probably the same. Watching an annoyingly perfect person who excels at everything and anything while possessing hair colours one could only dye to get as well as being extraordinarily beautiful compared to the rest of the cast finish everything without any difficult whatsoever for X episodes doesn’t really appeal to me.

“Wait, what about Zenkichi, isn’t he kinda co-“

Shut up, voices in my head. I haven’t read the manga, but Zenkichi is the equivalent of Saito from Zero no Tsukaima. He’s a dog. He follows Medaka around doing absolutely she wants to and doing things completely for her because he’s completely infatuated with his childhood friend, who supposedly is also in love with him. Did I mention that Medaka is a tsundere? Does this show sound generic now?
“Male anime MC with strong ideals and a sense of righteousness aids perfect, in looks or otherwise, childhood friend student president love interest tsundere big-chested female in achieving X tasks in their daily lives.” It’s like Zero no Tsukaima if Louise was actually competent at something. Like inversed Louise.

In other words, completely bland and stifling to watch. The prospect of having to watch a pair of talking breasts attached to a body being tagged along by a dog given a human suit for 2X episodes isn’t very bright to me, and I don’t think I’ll have the patience to wait for the show to get any better.

depicted: the two main characters of the anime

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7 Responses to Spring 2012 First Impressions: Medaka Box

  1. glothelegend says:

    Do you know why I decided not to watch this show?Take an educated guess. It will probably be correct.

  2. fabricerequin says:

    Hmm was hoping for Gainax to do something more badass but I guess I’ll continue watching Medaka Boobs.

  3. Yamadipati says:

    Truth be told i WAS expecting her boobs to be exaggerated, but along with that i was hoping that there is something else with it…

    I’ll reserve my judgement till later i suppose, besides if the story doesn’t kick in somewhere along this season, i can just simply discard it as another boob-fest when it’s done.

    I suppose it is just too much to ask for boobs and ass with an actual story…

    Speaking of boobs and ass i wonder how Proxima and Ianeira will respond to this, since the rest of the girls is NOT amused… oh yeah i’ll be welcoming them to my home soon.

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