Spring 2012 First Impressions – Fate/Zero 14

I like how the orange of the sunset-tinged sky compliments the logo of the show. Very stylish.

After four months of waiting, Fate/Zero finally returns! The first season delivered fairly well on everything one can ask for a piece of animated literature, it doesn’t skimp on the budget, it has great music, and it evokes an engaging feel overall. So, does the next season of Fate/Zero live up to the hype?

Yes and no.

Yes, because this is still the same Fate/Zero we all know and love, and no because of the general lack of power that one would expect from an anime that left a relatively high bar in terms of expectations they gave the viewers after the last episode of the first season. To make a point, the series starts off with a rather dull fight scene between an invincible monster and two obviously disadvantaged heroes. Add some random fighter planes to the mix, and you have something that will surely not sit well with some viewers.

As this is an anime returning from a previous season, I think the first few minutes are the most crucial when attempting to entertain an audience who has arguably stagnated from the long wait, and it seems that director Ei Aoki did not take note of this fact. As I said, I found the fight between Saber, Rider and the Cthulhu monstrosity boring simply because it’s just your run-off-the-mill fight scene and there was nothing special about it. They may have been able to pull it off if they hadn’t gone on a long break, but they did, so yeah. There’s also that dogfight between Gilgamesh and Berserker looking like someone flashing two glowsticks of different colors in random directions, but I guess there are some people who appreciate this kind of stuff.

The next thing that bothered me is that despite getting a long break, they did not take it into consideration that instantly starting arguments about proper parenting and honor codes without so much as a reintroduction to the whole affair is not something that would be welcomed by all, especially elitists like me.

However, all these are minor issues that arose from the fact that the anime took a four-month break, rather than a direct screw-up on the part of the source material or the direction of the anime. For me, the long break just made things a little unsavory.

Gilgamesh: awesomeness personified.

But as I’ve said, this is still the same old Fate/Zero. It looks good, and it sounds good. The themes presented are still all cynical and jaded (“I just shot the person we believe to be Caster’s Master. It seems we were right.” -Win), just the way I like it. I just wish that they returned with a bang rather than a whimper.

As an aside, the ED made me feel guilty that I ever shipped Iri and Saber together. My yuri ship admits defeat.

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8 Responses to Spring 2012 First Impressions – Fate/Zero 14

  1. Arandur says:

    Obviously a reintroduction would have been nice after a 3-4month break. On the other hand, they did release somehow something like a recap. I think they were called Fate/Zero remix 1 and 2 or something like that, summing up the events in two short movies. Anyway, I personally didn’t have any problems, since I got to watch all 13 episodes a few days ago again, but this time I watched the blu-ray releases with about 40min more content.

    Also, it was announced many times that ufotable just needs more time and thus took a break, so it’s not like the first season ended in december last year. It’s only called 2nd season because of the blu-ray box set they are selling, hence episode 14 and not 2nd season ep 1. I guess one just has to watch either the remixes or the other episodes again to “get in” FZ again. Personally I am not disappointed, but I can understand why other people would be.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Yeah, I shouldn’t really be blaming them. After all, thanks to the break, ufotable can now go all-out with all that money from the Blu Ray profits.

  2. The OP and ED for the new season were both stunning. And yes, I felt bad too…..

    (“I just shot the person we believe to be Caster’s Master. It seems we were right.” -Win) Actually, I was laughing my arse of at that part.

    Overall, I thought it was a great episode but as you said, rather..bland. Berserker’s sudden entry was incredibly entertaining though. But yeah, glowsticks. But heck, I’m easy to impress. I liked the dogfight except it was weird Gilgamesh didn’t fall of his damn throne despite flying around like a loon.

  3. Carillus says:

    I personally enjoyed the fight between Gilgy and Berserker, since I’ve been looking forward to it ever since Fate/Zero was announced. Yeah, I’m the target market of this sort of thing, dogfights fighter aircraft and Ace Combat are right up my alley.

    • @fkeroge says:

      I find it fascinating that people enjoy seeing two glowsticks get waved around in random directions.

      • Carillus says:

        It’s how you wave them glowsticks, after all. It’s one thing to see two waving glowsticks; it’s another to see two waving glowsticks that are set to amazing music and technicolor explosions.

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