Facts of Life that Some Anime Fans Need to Realize


Time for me to write a filler post under the pretense of posting rants about anime fans~

Justin recently commented that I “must be kinder that [he] thought”. Well, think again. My hiatus has left me with a lot of things to say, and I’m not gonna be nice about it. Here’s a list of things that some anime fans badly need to realize, as they still keep wasting time, money and brain cells to write garbage opinions.

Anime is not the greatest thing since sliced bread. Also, make your own bread, you dimwit. Ever heard of Sturgeon’s law? How about Murphy’s? Anime is just like everything else: cars, mobile phones, movies, people. Most of them suck. Some of them are good. We find gems every now and then, but even then, they still have flaws.

Furthermore, speaking on the technical side of things, anime is far inferior in terms of animation to its western counterparts with the exception of KyoAni and KyoAni alone. Voice acting in anime is just about as good as voice acting in original western cartoons too, so no points there either. And no, Madhouse and ufotable are also inferior to western studios. Get over it.

So stop wasting server space with lines like: “ANIME IS TEH GREATEST THING EVURR XD 8D LOL LMAO FTW” like a blithering retard and get that massive piece of wool out of your view. And stop abusing emoticons like a 12-year old kid.

The anime from the 90’s are not better than the anime of today. Grow up. Every so often, I come across idiots who claim that everything that came from the 90’s is better than the trash we have today. Well, I got some unfortunate news for you, bub: it’s all the same. Anime from the 90’s is no different from the anime of today. Most of them suck, some of them are good. We find gems every now and then, but even they have flaws. The only difference between the 90’s and today is that there are way less anime per season during the 90’s. The anime of today gives you more choices, 70% of which are all the same.

Anime was not better before, nor is it better now. Tear off those pitch black hipster shades from your rotting eyeballs and move on like everybody else.

Pictured: novitaminA drivel.

Moe is not killing the anime industry. You are. Unless you have been living under a rock, as is the case for some anime fans out there, you will notice that the anime industry practically thrives on moe. Most of anime that sell these days have cute girls or guys in them, and may or may not be depicted in a sexually arousing manner.

Don’t like it? Then why don’t you do something about it rather than spend your miserable life complaining about it? Spend some money supporting the anime that YOU like. You like crap like Death Note? Buy Death Note merchandise. You want more of the latest noitaminA drivel? Import a damn DVD. The reason why moe is dominating the market today is because that is what people pay for. Business 101.

Anime is an expensive hobby. I know that from experience. I am in no way a rich person, but still, I try my best to support the industry by buying stuff out of my own savings (and part-time job). You don’t have to be a hardcore buyfag to be an anime fan, but if you want your opinions to be worth the pixels they are shown in, try doing something for the industry yourself instead of acting like a deranged lunatic.

Your opinions are all invalid unless you buy something. Even the most annoying of Narutards willing to buy even a small keychain have opinions that matter more than the pretentious complaints of someone not even spending a single cent. That is a fact.

Story is not important. Read books. If you are a fool who still watches anime solely (or mostly) for “story,” stop watching. Right now. Anime is a form of entertainment meant to generate income, not satisfy your petty cravings for literary masterpieces. If you want good stories that much, go read books. They are highly unappreciated nowadays.

Okay, sure, anime that have good stories are always welcome, but to expect every anime to have an engaging story is just like waiting for a trainwreck to happen. You don’t expect K-On! to deliver a gripping tale, nor would you expect Code Geass to be about emaciated people goofing off every day. Different anime are marketed toward different kinds of people. Don’t expect it to cater only to your crappy taste.


There’s a Filipino proverb that goes: “Bato-bato sa langit; ang tamaan, huwag magalit,” translated: “Rocks falling from the sky; if you get hit, don’t be mad.” This means that if you are offended or insulted by any of the things I’m saying here, you only have yourself to blame. This post is meant for every anime fan to see, and if you are not part of the group of people I’m talking about, then rest easy. If you are, well, I guess it’s time for you to reflect on your meaningless life (and probably kill yourself afterwards).

PS: We have been working on an important project lately, and that’s why I have been on a temporary hiatus. Hopefully, as the summer season comes, I can write about the anime that come out with a nicer tone, or not, if you want me to bash everything again.

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43 Responses to Facts of Life that Some Anime Fans Need to Realize

  1. ilegendC says:

    Indeed. In short, how much you like anime depends on how you view each and every one of them, also, the support you give be it promoting that anime through social media or buying merchandise.. If you don’t like it, move on and find better ones to watch.

  2. nekofishie says:

    Hm, it generally depends on the studio, since western animation studios usually have a much much larger budget than Jap animation studios. I do appreciate them doing a pretty good job with the amount of money they have. I do agree with most of the points up there though. Cheers.

  3. Alterego 9 says:

    While I agree with the point about not expecting every anime to be a serious literary narrative, I’m pretty sure that most people don’t mean that when they say they want a good story, just well-written dialogue, and interesting characters.

    In this sense, while not every genre has to be the same level of philosophical depth, or even drama, neither of them should be accepted with an openly BAD story, either. Even a light-hearted show should be expected (or at least hoped) to be interesting, compared to it’s own genre’s standards.

    • @fkeroge says:

      A bad story is worse than no story at all. This is why story is not important. When some people say an anime has a “bad story”, it just means that they don’t like it. Still, masquerading as a literary master is very annoying.

  4. Alterego 9 says:

    Judging animation quality based on technical parameters, is just a false pretense of objectivity.

    Traditional western art philosophy is all about verisimilitude, the elements that make the end result so immersive, and believable, that you even forget that it’s fictional, while traditional eastern art is all about the artist openly coming out and showing off how he is putting together all the tropes, and uses his tools in the most aesthetic way. This applies to traditional painting styles, theatre formats, writing styles, and animation techniques.

    The expectations that animated characters should look, act, and move exactly like real humans, is a western expectation, while Japanese audiences are more interested in how the animators put together the pieces, than how realistic they are. For that matter, that’s the reason why 2D animation itself is still thriving there, while western viewers demanded to get rid of their flat characters ASAP.

    But that doesn’t really mean that CGI animation is inherently superior, just because it’s still more advanced, as long as some people find it less appealing, it’s still a matter of tastes, and likewise, the differences between traditional western animation and anime are also more subjective than just “higher framerates = better animation” or whatever statistic you put in focus.

    • Carillus says:

      Generalisation. Western and Eastern traditional art philosophies no longer apply in the current world context as globalisation has led to a cross-pollination of cultures and consequently, styles.

      In the first place, you’re missing @fkeroge’s argument, because in no area did he mention anything about Western = CGI and Eastern = 2D. Much of Western animation is still 2D – it’s only the movies and occasional series that employ entirely 3D methods of animation. He’s saying that from a technical standpoint, 2D animators in the West are often technically superior to those from the East – which is something I will refrain from commenting on, since while Western animators excel in movement animation, action scenes and actually animate their damn mouths, Eastern animation does offer a lot more detail per frame than its Western counterpart.

      By the way, in case you didn’t realise, the reason we have anime and manga in the first place is because Japan imported comics from America in the late 1800s to early 1900s, and decided to make their own. So think about your argument about Western and Eastern styles again – remember that this was the period of American Surrealism, Dadaism and the advent of Modernism.

      • Alterego 9 says:

        I only referenced CGI in the 3rd paragraph, and used it as analogy in the 4th, until “…and LIKEWISE, the differences between TRADITIONAL western animation and anime…”

        Western surreal visual arts started after the invention of photography, that fulfilled it’s role in verisimile art, so it allowed artists to cater to connaisseurs instead of the masses that were still expecting verisimilitude and got it from photographs.

        Manga borrowed shapes and art techniques, but art philosophy runs deeper than that. That’s why manga still looks like early 1900’s comics, always rearranging the same shapes, while western comics continued chasing verisimilitude. Just as you commented after refraining to comment, that eastern animation offers more detail per frame, but less fighting and movement details and lips, that’s also an exmple of different paradigms, that still applies. Peter Chung explained it here, how the different philosophies influence animation techniques.

        Topic too complicated, shouldn’t have brought up here. Will write full blog post about it.

  5. Eefi says:

    Why so serious? If you don’t like it, don’t watch. If you do like it, why trying to justify it?
    Of course it’s entertainment but books are too. You’re trying to say anime is like every other thing out there and in a different sentence mention how books are superior. Oh well..

    • @fkeroge says:

      Wait, what? Where did I say books are superior? I just said to read books if you want stories. That’s what fiction books are supposed to be. Still, points for making me respond.

      • rds says:

        But… the books ARE superior.

        Here: if you are to make a choice to have ONLY one – books or anime – ok, ok, books or ALL moving pictures (incl. anime, hollywood, documentaries,etc), what would you choose? Ditto.

  6. Nya-chan Production says:

    “Furthermore, speaking on the technical side of things, anime is far inferior in terms of animation to its western counterparts with the exception of KyoAni and KyoAni alone.”

    Oh, do I see some… GENERALIZATION… right there? :>
    That’s a very bold statement, especially the last part. You overlook many movies (Shinkai working alone, studio Ghibli) and some “artistic” studios which achieve what they want EXACTLY how they want (no, not talking SHAFT here, more like Studio 4C).
    But I guess I am fine with that *whateverface*

  7. Carillus says:

    Good job. So why are we watching anime? Because we like the way Eastern animation writers use their tropes. And maybe we like moe. And yuri. Amirite, @fkeroge?

  8. Hogart says:

    Haters gonna hate.

  9. Yumeka says:

    I agree that one shouldn’t go around flaunting the idea that anime is the greatest thing in the world. While it certainly could be someone’s favorite or entertainment form, imposing it on others as the best thing since sliced bread is arrogant. You have a point that most anime is nothing spectacular, but since I like the medium so much, I can enjoy even mediocre titles at times. But the ability to see the flaws even in titles I love, is a good thing.

    I also can’t stand it when people claim that only 90s or older anime is good and everything today sucks. This “sour grapes” attitude is most likely from 1) more shows being released per season than before, like you said, so that means more bad titles each season than before and the Internet makes them easier for people to notice than before, and 2) all the moe influence that’s been permeating anime since the mid-2000s (I also agree that moe isn’t killing the anime industry). These types of fans usually go along with your other point of only wanting anime to be these artsy, literary masterpieces.

    I certainly try and buy anime products when I can (just spent a good deal these past few months on Aniplex’s Madoka BD sets). People who claim they love anime or who complain about things in the industry but never put a penny back are indeed annoying.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Good to see you, Yumeka. Based on your response, I see you actually took the time to read my article. Thank you very much.

      On a side note, I need to work on importing those Madoka BDs.

  10. temperus says:

    1) side with the majority
    2) bitch at the minority for bitching
    3) call their minority’s taste crap
    4) watch the comments roll in

    Way to take the high road, you courageous defender of reason, you. Next you’ll tell me that I suck because I’m siding with the minority because, hey, they’re the minority, so they’re the ones who should stop bitching.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Yes, you suck. But not because you side with the minority. You don’t even provide an argument for your cause, ergo, you suck.

  11. windyturnip says:

    Successful troll is successful.
    4/10 for making me respond.

  12. burgerking says:

    Opinions, opinions… without any sort of arguments. You are just stating your opinions as facts while you seem to be clueless. But what you can expect from teen who is just growing up? Seriously man grow up, learn to state your opinions. They are shit if you just state them like that.

    “anime is far inferior in terms of animation to its western counterparts”
    Can you name one good western animation? Name me and good example and I check out if it is better than Shaft or Ufotable. I don’t watch western animation so I don’t know. I only know Spongebob, Simpsons and South Park, and they aren’t better in terms of animation.

    Reason why anime today seems worse, because it is (or feels) copied. It is hard to make original animation anymore, because all good ideas have been used once. Characters, stories and settings are just endless copies and that’s why older anime feels better.

    PS. I checked your MAL and seems you haven’t watched anime at all, specially pre-2000 shows. How you are going to rationalize your opinion if you haven’t even watched any older animes? Maybe you just “feel” it.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Spongebob and Simpsons aren’t better animated than most anime? Holy crap!

      As expected from a great researcher such as yourself! Certainly, your sufficiently substantiated arguments in your comment blows away my petty rants. I salute you, o burgerking, for presenting your overqualified credentials! With a site like http://burgers and an email address like burger@king.com, you have proven yourself to have opinions more qualified than mine!

      You even took the time to look at my MAL account. You do thorough research! I created that account in 2010, and only recorded anime I have seen from 2007 onward. That’s why you see no Pokemon, no Bebop, no Lupin III, no Gundam and no other shows that I have seen in local TV. Don’t worry, though. I’ll be sure to include them soon, as I now know that people actually care enough to look at my list.

      • burgerking says:

        I don’t have arguments because I never said I disagree with you or did I? You are just stating your opinions like a child; emotion based opinions instead opinions based on facts. Everyone has right to criticize your opinions if they are based on nothing relevant.

        Also stop straw manning because I never said I am more qualified as blogger or anything else. But seems I might because at least I know difference between fact and opinion. I am just questioning your ability rate anime because according your merits, you shouldn’t be able to criticize older animes.

        Topic of blog is “FACTS of Life that Some Anime Fans Need to Realize” but there were zero FACTS about anime, just stupid straw manning and “my opinions which are of course right”. That is not way to do objective anime blogging.

  13. Baka-Raptor says:

    I loved books before high school, when the worth of a book was determined by the quality of its story. Unfortunately, books in the adult world are deemed “good” by how deep they are, or by how many words are used to describe trees in the background.

  14. Leap250 says:

    Didn’t think there’d be anime hipsters as well. But yeah, though I do love anime, I’m not oblivious to its faults. At first I thought applying Sturgeon’s law was a bit harsh but, considering the surge of anime titles that come every three or so months, add to that fact that only one or two shows would be, as you would call it, “gems” – it stands to reason I guess.

    Also, a bit off topic, but I didn’t expect this post to end with that proverb. Mostly because I was surprised to find out that you’re Filipino

  15. Nopy says:

    I agree with all of your points except one, I think anime is the greatest thing since sliced-bread 😛
    At least in my case, I consume more anime than bread (yeah, I eat anime and watch bread).

    You forgot to mention that it’s not “cool” to talk like your favourite anime characters or pretend like you’re Japanese.

  16. s2012k1993 says:

    I think I realize why some of your comments have trouble with this article. Let me take a stab at it.
    Opinions consist of two general categories: statements that either derive from emotions or a set of facts. It seems to me that you are critiquing emotion-based opinions using your facts-based opinions using a hidden premise. Those who hold emotion-based opinions have no right to share or hold those opinions when confronted with facts-based opinions.

    How is this relevant? Say some anime fanboys cry their hearts out on forums that the God-created entertainment medium of anime is being distorted or poisoned by moe. Your claim based on your hidden premise is that these fanboys have no right to waste bytes of internet space with their inferior or downright incorrect opinions.

    Let me contrast this with something else to highlight mistakes in your hidden premise. Take small talk, which mostly consists of emotion-based opinions, in our everyday life. The weather is always fine, regardless of the forecast. When someone does show up with the weather report and claims that the weather is indeed not fine, since it’s -40, then everyone should shut up and not say that “the weather is fine.” At least, according to your hidden premise, they should. But, of course, do you really want to eliminate all the small talk in the world? It exists and it’s your choice whether to or not to engage with it.

    What I wish to say is that you are more or less trying to critique anime small talk (i.e. straw man arguments completely based on emotion). Of course, anime is not the best thing since slice bread, since that distinction obviously goes to manga or visual novels that lots of contemporary anime are based off. (See what I did there, I tried to discredit your argument about reading books and never watching anime solely for stories) Just as we all know small talk is pointless and critiquing it even more pointless, critiquing popular anime straw man arguments is just as pointless as those straw man arguments.

    Now, if you are referring to lengthy facts-based opinions and not those one-liners from MAL or AnimeSuki, I am sorry for misunderstanding your premises. But I think you are referring to all that anime fever on forums. After all, if you are intending to critique facts-based opinions, you need much more than a paragraph or two.

    Take away point–should I care, read or get angry when you take up Internet space gushing your emotions (and die when I realize its pointlessness)? At least, I don’t care what you feel. I care how you can persuade me of your opinion, which may or may not be based on emotions. It keeps me alive. Kudos to you for reading all this.

  17. passingotaku says:

    Why anime indeed. For me, I guess it’s something that i’ve grown up with and so i’ve grown to love the language (Japanese somehow sounds like the most ‘harmonious’ language ever even if I don’t understand it), the seiyuu’s sexy voices and also the art. Anime-styled art is the best! And of course the facial expressions unique solely to anime, plus the awesome OPs and EDs 🙂

  18. r042 says:

    Well this apparently rustled a few people, but I by and large agree despite writing many words on series I do like. There’s a lot of shows I enjoyed, but wouldn’t call good or comparable to other things. I can like them for what they are and don’t need to justify liking them.

    Trying to compare animation is impossible except on a fundamental “Knack aren’t very good / Doans Island is cheaply made” level – trying to create us v them situations is useless.

  19. Good post. The part where you talk about people who say ”90’s ANIME IS BETTER HURR\” put a smile on my face.

    However, I must take issue with your statement that ”story is not important, read books”. When people say that they watch an anime purely for story, not that many of them are saying ”I watch anime for literary masterpiece stories to stand the test of time”. They are just watching it because they find the writing to be enjoyable. Although by and large I find reading books to be boring, I have no issue conceding that they have historically been the purest form of storytelling, as they are 100% story versus visual mediums.

    When I say I watch an anime for the story, I watch it because I find the characters amusing, the plot twists surprising, the pacing to be strong, or any number of factors. The stories may not be as pure as they would be in a novel, but I personally find them more enjoyable. Visual mediums, such as television, film, or anime, have always had to deal with the issue of profit vs artistic expression, anime is hardly an exception.. There are anime that I would consider to be literary masterpieces, but the majority I would not, as with most other entertainment mediums.

    Just some thoughts of mine.

    Also, if you are merely trolling with that statement, ignore all that 😛

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  21. tsukuyomimagi99 says:


  22. OokamiZChan says:

    Some of the things you said about anime fans is true. But aside from that fact. Your being a jackass. Your voicing your opinion but your also slamming on what other people enjoy. Yes, anime fans shouldn’t be mad about an anime being bad, but it doesn’t mean you can just say that there crap. In my opinion, Death Note was good. Course many people don’t like it, that’s okay. And the whole thing about anime fans finding great literature in anime is mostly a lie towards most people. Including me. I love reading books, and the fact that someone said anime was ‘good literature’ is bullshit. First, its not even a play or a piece of writing. So screw that junk. But there are some really good ones with great morals. If someone who loves anime says that then their an idiot. But don’t bang on people who have a passion for watching anime. Its like saying the people who made them is stupid becasuse they like it. If your going to yell at anime and manga fans, then yell at comic book fans while your at it. And if your going to have such a strong opinion opposing anime, then just stop watching it. Nobody wants to hear what they loved talked badly about. Like really. Its just wrong.

    • OokamiZChan says:

      Oh, and don’t say that all animes are the same. There different because there different. Some are better than others in different people’s eyes. There just put into categories and that’s what you look at.

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