Spring 2012 First Impressions – Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

This show taught the anime industry another great lesson on how to save money for production. Also, did you know that Tasogare literally translates to Twilight? No, no. I’m not trying to imply anything at all~

I’ll get straight to the point. I didn’t like how they were being really cheap with their presentation, using stock footage and just adding in one more layer to show Yuuko, but it works for the effect they wanted to show. Still, I wasn’t expecting this to be rather… funny. I didn’t want to watch this show honestly, as I was feeling horrible Another vibes everywhere, but I’m somewhat happy that they’re not going for a horror show. Let’s face it, horror and anime don’t mix, except maybe for Higurashi.

I appreciate the efforts of the director for trying to bring in *some* amount of Shaftiness into the episode, especially during the part where the comedy stops and the serious starts. However, with characters as dull as the ones we have here, combined with bland dialog, Shaftiness just won’t be able to cut it. Besides, this show was not really as Shafty as say, Sankarea, heck, it’s hardly Shafty at all.

And there’s the issue of that gimmicky approach to the episode. Though I found the way they presented the show in two different perspectives rather inventive considering the medium, it’s still just all a trick to distract from the bland conversation. To tell you the truth, I can’t even remember half of the things they were rambling about in the episode. If this show continues to walk down this path of general mediocrity, I don’t think I’ll just sit , watch and be happy with it.

This show surpassed my expectations, though that’s not really saying much since it was so low to begin with. But hey, the episode itself was fun to watch, and that’s what’s really important… at least for now.

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4 Responses to Spring 2012 First Impressions – Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

  1. Leap250 says:

    I love how there are now two shows that have taken a page from the Shaft playbook, lol, but I do expect some amount of fun from Tasogare Otome, that is, if they stick to the manga.

  2. I hope that they only changed the introduction episode and from now on the story will go back and mostly follow the manga. If not then the wannabe writer that changed the script should be kicked out of his job – if he wants to find fulfilment then he can write his own stuff and not ruin the works of others :/

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