“Contract Renewed” – Chuunibyou and Season II

As you can tell, I haven’t written anything for ages. So yeah. Hi everybody. Hope you missed me.

Well anyway, in case you haven’t been keeping up to date on twitter trends and  recent anime series, at the end of Tamako Market, KyoAni released a semi-cryptic trailer with amusingly enough, nothing but Yuuta pinching Rikka’s cheeks and the message: “Contract Renewed”. Reactions to this possibly being the announcement of a second season have varied from “OMG YES I LOVE THAT SHOW SO MUCH YEAH” to “FUCKING HELL SUCK MY DICK YOU FUCKING MONEY-GRUBBING CUM-GUZZLING SHIT OF AN ANIMATION COMPANY! FUCK YOU.” Here’s my take on it.

To start off, let’s see what could possibly happen in Season 2. At the end of the series, Yuuta and Rikka literally ride off into the sunset. IF that wasn’t cliche enough for a quick ending, I don’t know what is, but point is that we know that they were not cured of their chuunibyou. Dekomori goes back to being herself, et cetera. So I’m assuming it’s back to the status quo. Well. What the hell is left then, KyoAni? Are you going to make Makoto get with Kumin? What else is left to develop on…? I mean, honestly, almost all the areas any form of drama or plot development can occupy seems to be occupied already. There’s simply so little potential left in Chu2Koi to add anything at all!

Unless, of course, they add new content. I don’t expect KyoAni to make a K-On style slice-of-life season 2 where all they do is sit in a clubroom and discuss their magic. I can’t imagine what Dekomori and Kumin could possibly do other than do their usual antics. Then again, they never existed in the light novel, so perhaps KyoAni could pull in characters from the light novel. Spoilers ahead: the introduction of another chuunibyou, Satone Shichimiya, opens up multiple avenues for plot development. But I don’t think her existence is enough for 13 episodes, at the risk it becomes draggy and unbearable.

Then again, it might not be a new sequel after all. It could simply be the BD episode that’s coming out in June. Yet it seems unlikely: make a new section just for previewing the BD episode at the end of Tamako Market, of all things? I mean, they even posted this on their Twitter:

再放送の告知だけで新しい映像と新しい六花のイラストは作らないよ!?つまり…契約更新ってことです!詳細は待っててくださいね! #chu2koi

Would we make a new clip and Rikka image for just a re-broadcasting notice?! In short, “Contract Renewed!” Please wait for more details!”

So yeah, be prepared for what will likely be the introduction of more cliche points for plot development, such as cheesy love triangles and the awkward drama that arises. To be honest, I liked the first season. I did. But I really can’t, for the life of me, see what another season could bring to the table. What else is there to add on? What else is there to say?

It could also be a giant, elaborate April Fool’s Day joke. Hmm.

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14 Responses to “Contract Renewed” – Chuunibyou and Season II

  1. Andmeuths says:

    I suspect, the first half might explore the pleasures and pitfalls of actually dating – perhaps something in the vein of the themes covered in the likes of Mysterious Girl Friend X, those shows that actually explores what happens after the confession. Probably, there would be a sub-plot weaved in. If Satone indeed is going to be one of the focal points in the second season, I suspect it might well start with Nibutani and her ramblings – if Satone does exist, I suspect much of Nibutani;s material is inspired or was co-written with Satone.Which in turn came from prior Yuuta-Satone interactions.

    The second half may be an Anime Original expansion of Volume 2. I really wonder though, is Satone even possible given the random flashback to Yuuta’s failed confession? Unless, of course that girl was meant to be Satone, even if the Hair Colour does not fit – of course, that depends on how you interpret Satone and Yuuta’s implied relationship in Middle School. If that’s the case, it may be a case of irony, where Yuuta’s first crush comes back after two years, to find that Yuuta has already been taken a few months before her return.

    Those are just my speculations, but I think with another thirteen episodes, they’ve got to expand on the plot and probably creatively… ahem… rearrange the second volume. So long as it both arrives at the same end point, i think any even further adaptations can follow the LN more closely, rather than going full AU.

    • ValenceS2 says:

      I guess it’s not unreasonable to accept a dating episode as a must for the sequel. It has to happen, and it’s a treat for the fans.

      Satone to me is currently the only logical alternative to going back to s1’s problems. I mean, she could have dyed her hair or something, or never get mentioned. But despite being able to be written into the show I find it to be rather iffy.

      Hoping for a good season 2 – if any!

      • Andmeuths says:

        Well, it’s a matter of wait and see. If that girl in the flashback in the first season (where Yuuta made that crazy confession) is indeed Satone, and if she had put Yuuta on hold in a manner that, to him suggested that it was a rejection, when it was in actuality a “wait”….
        The potential for drama is there, and I think it could be quite well written, in the hands of good producers and directors. I really wonder how Satone would interact with Dekomori. I think sparks would explode, and the screen burst from the sheer awesomeness.

        • ValenceS2 says:

          Shucks I really want to see Satone now.

          But I suppose to the uninitiated Satone’s entrance into the series would make her seem like a “run-on character” – like in Bleach, the constant use of random old details for new content. It feels a bit half-assed at times, so if KyoAni is going to bring her in I hope they can execute it nicely.

          I’m actually thinking about how Satone would interact with Shinka, someone mentioned the possible ‘link’ between her and Forest Summer right? Actually, Satone’s chuunibyou seems to be ‘from space’ so I think there’ll be this clash of chuunis. Like they can’t understand each other’s Chuuniworld.

  2. hiroy_raind says:

    I agree on the “what else to do with this?”.

    I had a bad feeling that KyoAni staffs simply just went “Hey, there’s a compilation of Rikka’s ‘au’ moments in Niconico douga! People must’ve loved that! Let’s make more of that!’. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

    • ValenceS2 says:

      But that’s pretty much….how everything made by kyoani seems to end up. Heck, if Tamako market does well enough, we could even have a s2 for that. And since it’s original it gives them more creative freedom than chu2koi!

  3. glothelegend says:

    YES I AM SO PUMPED. I didn’t expect a second season of this show but I can imagine a lot of awesomeness coming from this (I mean obviously). I hope that they play on the relationship between Yuuta and Rikka, as in I hope their dating, because that would be the strangest fucking couple on the planet in terms of like……them dating (they were already a strange couple, but a ‘dating couple?’ Oh I want to see that).

    Plus Death.

  4. Shance says:

    Probably more Death, yes.

    I don’t really see what Chu2koi can do from its intended course. That is, to stick to the material about queers getting a hit from reality and whether they come back to it or not. Love is one thing, but other than presenting the concept of crushes and highschool-tier love laced with delusions of grandeur, it’s only going to be the same thing being dipped in a different sauce. Will I watch it? Yes. Will I enjoy it? Probably. Will I rewatch it after I watch it in the near future? Definitely not.

    • ValenceS2 says:

      The problem is that the original material itself didn’t seem to place as much emphasis on the chunnibyou itself as the anime did. It appears to be more of “wow she’s deluded and moe right guys”. Which of course, opens up the following question: aside from delving further into the consequences of chunnibyou, what else can kyoani do in season 2?

      Yeah, I have to agree that I probably won’t rewatch season 2, if it came out, ever. Then again, I never rewatch anything, so who knows?

  5. ~xxx says:

    there was a second volume of the novel… indeed.
    but man, this was their weakest show as of the moment (haven’t finished tamako market.) and getting a second one. I sense a great conspiracy in this one

    *spoiler* Yuuta’s childhood friend strikes.

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