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Reconstructing the Chaos of Gosick

I’ve been seriously wondering: Who is still watching this show? Everyone was pretty excited initially, we have a Shinku double and the novel’s fame was rather high. Gothic lolis make everything better. Then things got boring but at least Victorique … Continue reading

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Strangely Addictive #07 – Franken Fran and MMD / Also, a love letter to the internet

Dear Internet,

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Strangely Addictive – No.6. Do what you want…

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Strangely Addictive – No.5

Don’t you ever wish that you just had more time? Say, even 5 minutes being suffice for your needs?

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Strangely Addictive No.4- Mayday ! Mayday! May Special Version.

Today’s the first day of May! 25 days since I left Blogger and headed towards the greater good. Since I have pretty much nothing significant to talk about, I decided to do a super Strangely Addictive post.

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Strangely Addictive No.3

Gotta do late-night revision, burning the midnight oil for chemistry. So I’ll just leave this here for now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEyYlBbokZw ..and if you liked this post it’s because my little sister wrote it.

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Strangely Addictive- No.2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgaTpz3C_zo THAT LAUGH. Been busy for the past few days, probably will be busy for the rest of next week as well. Examinations are around the corner, probably won’t be able to do much blogging…

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Strangely Addictive – No.1

Due to the upcoming exams, I would have much less time to do any actual blogging, so I have resorted to a running  a series of posts, called Strangely Addictive. What is Strangely Addictive? Basically it refers to anything , … Continue reading

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