Welcome, Aniblog Tourney Readers! – A Personal Appeal from @fkeroge

Celebrating two years (and one month) of anime blogging.

Readers who are interested in voting, please cast your votes here.

As Valence did with the first round, let me, @fkeroge, speak for our blog this round.

At first, the Aniblog tourney was, for me, just another excuse for anime bloggers to circle-jerk – a popularity contest dominated by those who get thousands of views each day and those who have been in the business for God knows how long. I couldn’t be more wrong.

Now, I see the tourney as an opportunity – an opportunity to meet new authors and readers, and get to know our existing reader base more. It’s also an opportunity for us, as bloggers, to develop our writing and our online personas to what really reflects our individuality.

Like with Valence, anime blogging is fun for me as well. I got to talk with a lot of wonderful people from all over the ‘sphere, and I got into a lot of arguments as well. I may have started blogging about anime on a whim, but now, it’s a very rewarding experience. We have received feedback, praise and criticism – all of which we have taken into consideration to give you, the reader, a unique experience. We also started to host more polls asking for what you want to see in our blog, and we are more than happy to oblige. Even now, we are still working to make this blog a better place for our readers.

I’m more of a reader than a writer though, and I enjoy reading a lot of anime blogs, episodic or not. In fact, Anime Nano is practically my home page. As such, I will present to you five recent posts here in AOIA which I thought were really great, not as a writer, but an anime blog reader.

Thank you for visiting AOIA. I hope you guys have a nice stay, and hopefully become new readers. I suggest visiting our competitor for this round, Bluemist, and reading what he has to offer. Please vote for the blog that you would very much want to read, and we at AOIA sincerely hope that you choose to vote for us. Once again, thank you for reading.

Vote here.

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6 Responses to Welcome, Aniblog Tourney Readers! – A Personal Appeal from @fkeroge

  1. kluxorious says:

    I can’t help but being biased towards you guys. I have no idea why. Good luck for this round of tourney!

  2. I really like anime! Being an anime fanatic really have gotten me alot into this kinds of blogs 🙂

  3. bluemist says:

    Congratulations on your win! Now get ready for rawrs.

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