Spring 2012 First Impressions by @fkeroge – Space Bros

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Space Bros is the best thing to air this season so far. It’s one of those irregularities in anime that end up being crowd-pullers just because of how unusual they are in a medium filled with teenage angst, magical girlfriends and panty shots.

The pilot episode of Space Bros is pretty much the most solid first episode I have seen in over a few months.The way it tells the story of the two brothers’ childhood through the use of flashbacks is very well-done, which, considering this medium that uses flashbacks as convenient exposition devices, is a pretty rare occurrence.

Most of the episode used Mutta as the narrator for his own story, and frankly, I don’t think he can get better at telling his story even if he tried. He’s like Kyon from Haruhi, with the dry humor and the pointless ramblings in between the important bits. Most people don’t notice it, but the random off-topic comments a person makes in conversation or telling a story is a very good way to gauge one’s personality, and I think the anime has made use of that fact to make us more sympathetic towards Mutta.

They also did a pretty good job with the characters, adding a very nice touch of realism to them, making me feel quite attached to them. For example, Mutta’s family is just like your regular run-off-the-mill old couple, albeit with a few quirks here and there. They’re no Junko Kaname, but they successfully leave some sort of impression in the viewer more than their typical roles of calling their sons or daughters to dinner or providing advice that any self-respecting human should know by the age of 10.

But the best part of this show is probably its concept. Reaching for one’s dreams is a theme tried and tested over the ages, and it seldom fails to inspire. Space brothers went for the standard yet effective approach with Mutta’s mother filing an application to JAXA for him. I’ll admit that I teared up a bit for Mutta as he held that letter of acceptance. I just felt genuinely happy for the guy as if he was me.

All in all, Space Bros is pretty much flawless at this point. Good storytelling, good characters and an overall good feel. If you want to see an anime that is simple yet effective  in execution, and don’t mind the lack of moe moe teenage girls, Space Brothers should definitely be one in your watching list.


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8 Responses to Spring 2012 First Impressions by @fkeroge – Space Bros

  1. Carillus says:

    “Lack of moe moe teenage girls”
    Maybe you should’ve left that part out…

    • @fkeroge says:

      Why? It does lack them, right? I have nothing against moe. I love it, in fact, but too much of anything is bad, even moe.

      • Carillus says:

        Nah, just a trivial and feeble attempt at a joke. We are, after all, a blog that features “love for yuri” as a common trait.

  2. fabricerequin says:

    For me Space Brothers could be one of my favs of the season, the story with the brothers rivalry well kinda makes you want to watch more.

    One living the dream and one that just got unempliyed but waited to cry until he reached home.. lol that was my fav scene XD

    Anyway I have high expectations now and looking forward to the rest!

    • @fkeroge says:

      Space Bros really has that air of realism around it that makes it a good watch. The brothers provide a very good sibling dynamic too.

      Nice to see another getting excited about this too. 🙂

  3. Sebz Dima says:

    I hear it’s getting around 50 episodes though…can solidity be maintained in such a span?

    • @fkeroge says:

      It doesn’t have to be totally solid all throughout its run. It just has to be good, which, considering what I have seen here, will not be much of a concern.

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