Black Hime Cuts: Spring 2012

Ah yes, the black hime cut; a staple of the anime girl hair style.

There’s nothing more alluring than a girl with long, pretty, straight, black hair. Ah, who am I kidding? The black hime cut is nice and all, but it couldn’t hurt to have some variety. Granted, it’s not as if one single anime has multiple black hime cut characters (at least, not that I’ve seen thusfar), but it’s fairly easy to spot the hair style’s prevalence across all of the shows airing this season. Let’s take a look at this nice little image I managed to scrounge up from some dark corner of the interwebs:

Left to right: Chitanda Eru (Hyouka), Kuroyukihime (Accel World), Sanka Rea (Sankarea), Kanoe Yuuko (Tasogare Otome x Amnesia)
Artist: Pikota

That’s four off the bat already. The only other one I can think of is Valmet from Jormungand, but I guess no one likes that show so she was conveniently forgotten. Or perhaps I have no idea what I’m talking about and she doesn’t actually have a black hime cut? It looks pretty convincingly like one to me, though. In any case, this is entertaining enough for me to want to keep spotting black hime cut characters every season. Yes, I think I quite like that; I might just do it. Look forward to Black Hime Cuts: Summer 2012!

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6 Responses to Black Hime Cuts: Spring 2012

  1. hiroy_raind says:

    The typical “Yamato Nadeshiko” look. Well I guess they are popular in real life Japan itself (or at least history and folklore), so maybe that’s why.
    Then again, I’ll gladly take this hairstyle rather than the ridiculous, gravity defying haircut.

  2. Shijou Honoka says:

    One of my Master’s moe point lookout *shrugs*

  3. Nopy says:

    Valmet’s hair isn’t long enough to be considered a hime cut (at least not in my view). I actually quite like the style, and I say keep them coming 🙂

    • Smiley says:

      Hmm, I guess so. Her hair is just about shoulder-length so I thought that would be enough, but I guess it needs to be at least waist-length to qualify?

  4. aysha says:

    ummm…shouldnt ririchiyo shirakiin from inu x buku SS be one of them???

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