Who am I : Another old hat living in the tiny tropical island of Singapore, (online) friends with the creator of this very blog you’re reading. Currently serving compulsory National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).
Describe yourself: Despite me being actually nineteen, Valence may very well possibly look older than me (when I last met him, I did not have a mirror in my possession). I do, however, have a tendency to look a lot like a serial rapist or arrested criminal in passport photos, and people like to remind me of the fact.
When I actually get down to crafting my soliloquys ,
I adopt a very strict writing code that I adhere to. Not the most expressive of writers, sure, but I hope logical reasoning and extensive vocabulary will help me in my quest of garnering more pageviews for this corner of the Internet.
For five years now I have been recieving training in what is commonly known in the field as art criticism, also known in layman’s terms as “laser-guided verbal diarrhea”. I used to possess an anime picture collection that exceeded 80,000 at last count, but with most of it having been wiped in a colossal hard disk failure that I would rather not talk about, I have decided to rethink my policies, and will only collect pictures that really capture my attention and imagination.
I may also occasionally post my work or comment on others’ work. Feel free to contact me with a link to your work for an in-depth critique from a third party if you feel you need one.
Additional Information: 
  • A Touhou Hisoutensoku player. One of the oldest members and an administrator of HisoutenSEA, the premier South-East Asian Hisoutensoku group.
  • A self-proclaimed photographer. I have studied numerous manuals on F-stops, shutter speeds and framing, and have done shoots in an actual photography studio with lights and everything, and thus I believe I am more sufficiently qualified than the people who buy themselves a kit DSLR and go around announcing their photographic abilities.
  • Project Diva Arcade player. Currently level 227, user ID is Carillus. You may see some of my records if you go around Singapore arcades.
  • I also play Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), jubeat, reflecbeat, DrumMania and DJMax Technika.
  • A periodic Weiss Schwarz player.
Links: DeviantArt || pixiv || Facebook

4 Responses to Carillus

  1. Jim says:

    Online backup is way more reliable.
    Of course you could just carry around TWO portable hardisks with you at all times, and backup everything once a month.

    Saves you from the despair that is HDD failure.

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