This above picture kind of sums up my profile.

Who am I: A teenager from that tiny tropical island Singapore,midway through school and the creator of this very blog you’re reading. Head honcho at Ambivalence, or is it Ambiguity? God.

Describe Yourself: Random , perhaps? Very random. He’s always bouncing around the room with all sort of banal, unhelpful comments to make. He’s always thinking of the wrong thing – at the wrong time. He’s a guy with the mental age of a twelve-year-old in puberty with the body of an eighteen year old – while being halfway in between.

Not to mention that Google image search has corrupted his mind from an early age.

The blogger is also in eternal despair, and he likes to reiterate this point constantly. The blogger  upon failing to achieve his dreams and goals in school, is constantly withdrawn and having lacking basic social skills, trying to minimise human contact, except with the few, few friends he actually has, this very realization leading him in turn to enter a state of despair yet again.

The blogger also constantly laments his perceived lack of any useful advantage over anyone else, constantly ranting off about how he is so very, very useless. Perfect for blogging long hours on the internet, since it can’t be any more depressing and soul-crushing already.

The blogger is also a pretentious fan of philosophy and psychology who gets high off of philosophical theories and paradoxes, and finds Freud and Jung to be his personal forms of crack cocaine, but beneficial. The author is constantly pushing himself to apply an ambiguous stand towards anime as well as bring in as much information into writing his editorials as he can, even if they aren’t completely relevant.

The blogger is also obsessed with blog views. He checks the blog every damn day, hoping for comments like some kind of psycho. He also likes to use an unusual amount of casual slang and profanity in writing only, fuckers. Furthermore, he is often pushing the conventions of society, being extremely weird and bizarre in his every action, like trying to explain his figmas to old relatives who can’t even understand English and being a complete enigma to older members of society.


He is also a compulsive liar.

Additional Information:

  • I wish I could do more, and have to talk less. 

Links: MyAnimeList | Twitter | Tumblr | Flavors | Steam

Contact: (Soon to be changed – I’m sick of it.)

20 Responses to Valence

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  2. Ruby says:

    Your 15?!?! o_O that’s really young!
    and also, didn’t know that you had twitter~ I shall follow you ^.^

  3. Manfred says:

    so your a 15 yr old Singaporean teenager that likes Japanese culture and extreme philosophy and mindf**ks………….HIGH FIVE BROTHER, we’re exactly the same. Even the same country 😀

  4. mathewgan says:

    I just have to ask: What school?

  5. lawrenceleong888 says:

    Added u Mr. Valen ^^
    U r so so young!

  6. Daniel Gallo says:

    I’m new with blogs, I- obviously-‘ve heard of them before but I tend to pay no attention to what may be only a fad. Some friends have (or had, I don’t know) their own blogs and their post where awful pictures, poems or writings worst than Hallmark’s cards. The point is that I started to read them in order to find more about anime-like japananese figures, which is an interest I recently have developed, and randomly found yours. I have to say that the name catched my intention, so I decided to read some of your posts. I started with the one about the big-brested girls because I happened to watched ep. 1 yesterday, the one and the political social aspects reflected through satire and it was amazing. I just finished reading your project on MLP, I’ve never watched the show, probably won’t ever, but I will follow your posts ‘tll you like it or drop it.

    Respect on your writing style, my friend.

  7. i came here for an image to summer wars, then i pondered thru the nicely art directed blog and was stunned by the line after usagi drop’s movie trailer.


    aaaand 16 (wheres the part that u say u were 15, i couldnt find it yo)
    but that doesnt matter.

    im supercagefragelistic on your exemplary writing – anime seems on a whole new different level on your eye – u’ve got that modern culture and media kinda thinking. being v underground, do u enjoy afa though?

    i’d love to discuss with you one day – i’ve been not keeping up with this world and being a journo for an anime mag, i need some injection. up for it?

    • Valence says:

      AFA- definitely. People have to (unfortunately) step out of the house at times, even if it’s just for a convention like the AFA, which is awesome. Looking forward to it this year’s one too.

      Personally, I’m very interested about you being a journo for an anime mag. How’s it like? I’m intrigued, and interested. Please tell me more if you can =)

      Hope to see more of you in the future,

      • yeah drop me a line, its on my blog. only on ad hoc basis where which star is famous in my country, then the editor would ask me to do and cover.
        so perhaps i shall meet you in AFA? are you going to scandal next week? although i dont expect you being a fan of any girlies. or you do! actually. you have the ambiguity of being professional yet meek inside. *look whos talking. chchchey.*

        could catch there yo!

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  11. Analytism says:

    “The blogger is also a pretentious fan of philosophy and psychology who gets high off of philosophical theories and paradoxes ”

    Its like reading a description of myself…. Nice blog though Valence, just started my own and stumbled into here randomly, nice to see some other nicely thought out editorials (Y)

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