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Half-time Review: High School of the Dead (H.O.T.D)

High School of the Dead (for some reason abbreviated as HOTD) is about the world being hit with a mysterious disease, resulting in the creation of living dead and general pandemonium to spread throughout the Earth. The story follows a … Continue reading

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Half-time Review : Seitokai Yakuindomo

Seitokai Yakuindomo is about a high school student, Tsuda Takatoshi, who just enrolled into Ousai Academy, a female-only school recently turned co-ed. Upon arriving, he is soon added to the student council, becoming the only male there as well as … Continue reading

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Introductions and Salutations

Good day to all, Carillus here.

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Kuttsukiboshi : Tangled Stars, OVA Episode 1 Review

Kuttsukiboshi is the latest anime to come out of Primastea, the company which brought you classics like Isshoni Training and of course, their only other work, Isshoni Sleeping. Done by one guy on his computer, you can’t blame him for … Continue reading

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Amagami SS -was- demeaning to women ; Kaoru renewed my faith in Amagami SS

I like to stand out from the crowd, and most of the time it’s by accident. I went online to read reviews for Amagami SS 08 on one of the forums I frequent, and I was dismayed at the anti-Kaoru … Continue reading

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Yet another focus-changing blog post?

I’ve been thinking lately. ¬†Ever since I added Carillus to the cast, I’ve been thinking. Well, perhaps I need to relax more, or perhaps I should sit still and listen. He told me that the blog lacks character. Just in … Continue reading

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Exceeding expectations by leaps and bounds – A surprise in store here in this blog?

When I started this blog, I expected steady, but slow progress. I expected to have to blog around one year to get a reader, or a comment, and then slowly build up readership for years. I expected my 10kth view … Continue reading

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Zero No Tsukaima – “I told myself to finish this months ago, but suddenly I don’t blame myself for not doing so”

Perhaps it’s just me. Perhaps I came in expecting something that would me blow me off my seat. After all, given its credentials it looked likely to do so. Not only does it have a relatively large fanbase, it was … Continue reading

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