Yet another focus-changing blog post?

I’ve been thinking lately.  Ever since I added Carillus to the cast, I’ve been thinking. Well, perhaps I need to relax more, or perhaps I should sit still and listen. He told me that the blog lacks character. Just in case you have no idea who he is, check out the ‘About the Bloggers’ page. Yep, he’s going to be blogging here as well, so look forward to that.


I disagreed yesterday. I agree now. The blog lacks character. It sounds like your typical, run-of-the-mill anime blog. I admit, yeah, it’s improving,but I like progress.

Progress drives me. Perhaps that was one reason I recruited him onto the team. To make the blog unique, to make it stand out.

I figured I needed a change in writing style too. I’ve been spending lots of time lurking around on the blogosphere, looking for how the more ‘successful’ blogs made it out there. I was most intrigued by blogs like 2-D Teleidoscope, Fuzakenna amongst others. I like their styles of writing. No-one wants to read something they can read on millions of other blogs out there. They want unique content. They want new perspectives, they want something interesting for a change.

And that’s what I’m going to deliver. I’ve a new way of writing now. I tried it on K-On, it seemed successful. So here I go.

Let’s get crackin’.

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10 Responses to Yet another focus-changing blog post?

  1. Azure Hoshizora says:

    Ambivalence’s a team blog now? looking forward to see Carillus’s posts~

    Writing style is something I have serious problem with, but i think thats just because I was born being random and with short attention span… Wells, good luck, maybe drop me some tips too.

    • Valence says:

      Haha, I know him IRL, and on IRC he wanted to be a writer, but since I have no idea how to make him a guest writer, so heck, author role for the win 😀 Nevertheless, I think I’ll end up blogging more, since I’m such an addict.

      Anyway, come to think about it, I’m random with a short attention span too. On second though ,I don’t think writing style is what defines the post, but unique content instead. I should work for that. Unique ,self-generated ideas and concepts.

      Or perhaps I’ll just rip off 2-D Teleidoscope.

      • Ming Xuan says:

        Oh noes. Another addict.

        Anyway, I think that your writing style isn’t a major problem. Then again, I never was a good critic.

      • Azure Hoshizora says:

        Yes I can see the addict in you from the number of posts you make… 8D

        Content definitely comes first but writing style itself affects the content of a post too. No matter how interesting the content is, a boring writing style probably won’t attract attention or draw readers. My physics teacher is a perfect example.

        Unique ,self-generated ideas and concepts… I think I have some of them lying in my drafts folder but whenever i read them myself, I just start rolling on the floor and laughing like a maniac…

        ripping of 2D teleidoscope sounds fun, maybe i could take a leaf out of Omonomono or something too. *runs*

  2. luminodrake says:

    my impression of your posts (i’ll be direct here)

    Title: “Extremely long post title – Or: Filling out space to sound classy but ending up being counterproductive because what you just put into the title could be summed up in a more concise manner”

    [picture/screenshot goes here]

    Body: Alternating between paragraphs/screenshots
    Body: Complaining about writer’s block/fussing over PVs/other metablogging

    (If post topic revolved around a question, end saying that one cannot conclude due to everyone having different tastes etc., then ask for readers’ opinions to incite comments)

    [sometimes, embedded youtube video goes here]

    (end post)

    i’m guessing people come to your blog to read about animu et. al so please write posts about animu et. al instead of stuff not related to animu et. al (if you don’t have anything to write about at the moment, then wait until you do)

    to make your aniblog unique, do stuff that other blogs don’t. (wow captain obvious saves the day :V) there’s one out there that puts gag subs on screenshots/changes text on several pages of mango to tell a joke. in comparison, image-paragraph-screenshot-paragraph-screenshot ad infinitum is overdone, so a new reader would not have as much incentive to follow your blog, especially when there’s x^n other blogs on aninano that does the same exact thing (albeit with differing opinions, but that’s not the point here)

    about post titles: they are most effective when they clearly state the topic (you are here), or when they are so ambiguous that people click on the link to find out what the post is about (usually with people ending up closing the tab). although stating the topic clearly is (Y), please be more concise. you don’t have to make every post title a touhou game title (with accompanying subtitle). it gets tiring to look at after a while imo.

    lastly, ignore everything i just said and figure out everything by yourself.

    • Valence says:

      I suppose. I’m just trying out whatever that works. It would appear that what I’m doing currently, works for other bloggers but not for me, huh? I guess, I kind of just saw how other bloggers did it, and just adapted from there. On retrospect,that’s counterproductive in promoting uniqueness, I suppose.

      Post titles – that idea I got from a lot of other blogs, but as I said earlier, that seems counterproductive too.

      Post structure is troublesome, but what else is there? I mean, I can change everything else, but it’s a blog, after all. I blog here, I blog about what I think, and screw how it turns out. What’s the point if you have to blog every post in a specific manner?

      I apologize for the paragraph/screenshot manner, I suppose, as well as the writer’s block thing. The question thing I tried to do once for the K-On post I guess you’re basing this from.

      But frankly, aside from original content, I notice that several blogs out there write and deviate from anime at times, linking anime to other media. I tried to do that, but whether it worked or not I can’t comment. I mean, there are blogs out there which just blog the same way you say I do, yet keep a steady readership. I guess it’s the method in doing so. I mean, it’s possible to deviate from anime once in a while, isn’t it. As long as there is a link, or the readers can relate , I feel that they would read it nevertheless – and by stats, I was right.

      Heck, I’ll just shorten titles. Everything else I think I can keep. I’ll just use each screenshot as a joke or something. God, there’re many blogs out there which do that,and I figured, heck, why not.

  3. doriinatrix says:

    Ganbare! It seems like you have the passion, so I’ll be looking forward to your progress!

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