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Amagami SS – Sae Arc End : Moe, Tentacles and hitting First Base

(This post was originally written on the 22nd of September. Valence is probably on hiatus right about now.) With Sae’s Arc ending (and UTW misleading me into thinking they got married), I realized the point of having an omnibus format- … Continue reading

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Ookami-san : Review

(This post was originally written on September 21. Valence is currently on hiatus) How do you generate a new, completely unique anime? Tweak around with an original plot? Change some character archetypes? Keep some character archetypes? Or perhaps throw in … Continue reading

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I suppose this was coming eventually, but I’m going on hiatus. That said, I hope I can keep off WordPress for the next few weeks, but I think I would probably come back just to reply to comments. Defeats the … Continue reading

My personal peeve with Lolibooru

As much as I, the closet lolicon Valence , like lolis, I find that I don’t like Lolibooru. For some reason, an image board hosting nothing but lolicon doesn’t appeal much to me. I find myself disgusted at entering the … Continue reading

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Reasons why Apocalypse Zero needs some love Being the naturally inquisitive soul I am, I torrent’d Apocalypse Zero to see why people call it the ‘worst anime in history’, to the extent where watching it feels like torture. SO I finished it, having made my way … Continue reading

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Half-time Review: Strike Witches S2

Strike Witches… needs no introduction. A bunch of little girls flying around in the sky with nothing but the least of undergarments on their tushes, it has been described as simultaneously fanservice, drama and an ode to history.

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Why are all the male leads in anime a bunch of pussies?

If you’ve read this previous post , I apologize in advance. Thing is, a classmate of mine complained that my posts ‘lacked humour’ and he wanted me to troll something. But then , my troll skills have gotten really rusty. … Continue reading

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