Introductions and Salutations

New artist on the block!

Good day to all, Carillus here.

Valen introduced me a while back, but due to an unfortunate lack of time, I had to delay making my first post here for quite a bit. As for what I’ll be writing about, well, anything under the sun, really: Reviews, artists, artworks, anime, manga, that sort of stuff.

First things first: I’m an artist first and foremost, but I do appreciate a good story and good music. If a show has good art, but I have problems with its direction and storyline, I’ll drop it; similarly, if a show has good plot but crappy art, I’ll probably finish watching it.

Now then, to business! (Hopefully) every week, I’ll be writing a weekend column on art. Have you ever given a thought to what makes a particular artwork interesting to you? What makes a particular artist’s style tick? Or maybe wondered how come two artists can have such similar styles, but give off such a different feel in their works?

I’ll be covering that in Picture Deconstruction, where I will attempt to break apart a picture into its base elements of style, composition, aesthetics and more. I’ll be adopting an unstructured format, similar to how Valen does his work here, and conclude with a summary of the most salient features of the image that make it stand out so much.

Next, a slightly freer-format column, Artist Alert, where I will occasionally talk about artists (usually from Pixiv) that have caught my eye recently.

Of course, in addition to those, I’ll be doing occasional posts on other things, whether reviews of anime that Valen usually passes on or a figurine shoot or other.

Normally here’s where I say “Here’s to a great time ahead”, but I’m not really for this kind of thing. I hope I don’t put anyone off too much.

If there are any pictures that you would like me to cover in the first post of Picture Deconstruction, please do post a link to the image in the comments, and I’ll feature the pick of the crop.

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"Any sufficiently advanced application of locupletative language is indistinguishable from writing magic."
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4 Responses to Introductions and Salutations

  1. Nopy says:

    Nice to see more anime art bloggers out there. Most of the artists I’m familiar with are from anime/games and artbook anthologies that I buy so it’ll be nice to hear about some more that you find on Pixiv.

    • howeirong says:

      Haha, yeah. It doesn’t seem like a lot of people are really into looking at pictures, though.

  2. fatboy says:

    O_O Hello… Carillus.
    Now this is something unexpected.

  3. trewdys says:

    cari go do coursework

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