My personal peeve with Lolibooru

As much as I, the closet lolicon Valence , like lolis, I find that I don’t like Lolibooru. For some reason, an image board hosting nothing but lolicon doesn’t appeal much to me. I find myself disgusted at entering the site, not just because of the guilt, but because of its  inhabitants. And I know, I’ll probably sound like a hypocrite when I write this, but what the heck.

Lolibooru is a thinly-veiled Lolicon board.(duh) That assurance that everyone is 18 and older – is utter nonsense, everyone knows that. I actually entered looking for Ana. I found her on the header, so I felt hopeful.

As much as I’m perfectly fine with Coppola and her various other friends, searching her name just showed me several images of her getting violated. I wanted something different. So, I turned away, seeking something else Clicking the ‘comments’ page…..

‘toddlercon’. ‘uncensored babyfuck.’  Amongst several others.

As much as I have ever detested the existence of child porn but appreciated the existence of 2D depictions of that said sinful act, Lolibooru brought me to reconsider whether I really was a lolicon. Perhaps I’m not, maybe I just like lolis. So maybe I am a lolicon, but I don’t like some genres. Fine.

But that isn’t the reason why I don’t like that website.

Amongst all the Boorus I have ever went to, Lolibooru has the worse user base. Why?

I hate its users.

Not only can I go on a guilt trip , now I can get pissed off by the side. The users seem to be proud of being part of Anonymous. At every single picture I liked a little, there is at least one person adding unnecessary captions and talk about the size of his/her genitalia to the image.


It feels as though my IQ had dropped a few levels. It’s like some kind of eager sports fan commenting on a game between their favourite team and their rivals. It’s like they have to verbally explain everything that’s going on, as though we can’t tell for ourselves, and badly, too.

All in all, Lolibooru not only made me doubt my lolicon-ism that I was once proud of, it also made me annoyed at the same time.

It’s almost a conflict for me. A conflict between my beliefs and reality. A conflict between my tolerance and the internet. A conflict between my balls and Lolibooru.

In other words, I’m spending way too much time trying to finish Ichigo Mashimaro and not studying enough.


Before someone else comes and rages everywhere again, let me put it straight : I know it’s lolicon (I read it for crying out loud), I just don’t like toddlercon, I’m fine with pretty much most of it. I’M NOT ANTI-LOLICON, etc.



Haters gonna hate.

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108 Responses to My personal peeve with Lolibooru

  1. Lenneth says:

    haha agreed. i like lolis because they are cute and all, but having to see them suffer under the sexual desires of freaks makes me sad. Maybe the users of Lolibooru are too corrupted after seeing so much of these things that what they see these wonderful lolis as are mere sex toys which they use to satisfy their balls. Well believe in your own beliefs, they are factors that decide what kind of a person you are. And haha good luck for your EOY although i should be saying that to myself

    • Valence says:

      Good luck for EOY, I have got to go on hiatus soon, I can’t keep blogging throughout EOY.

      I don’t mind lolis. You know me, I know you, but pictures showing them being raped and whatnot, argh, you know how I feel about those. I don’t think lolicon = attraction to little girls getting raped. I think lolicon means someone who has an interest in lolis, but 3-year-olds? That’s just crossing the line.

  2. Ming Xuan says:

    Just because we are lolicon doesnt mean we like watching them get raped

    • Valence says:

      Yeah, that is true. Babies wearing diapers? That’s just fucking pedophilia.

      • Tyciol says:

        Hate to break to ya bro, but pedophilia’s anything prepubescent, including a big chunk of your lolis, probably the Mashimaro cast.

        Babyfuck is like, such a small minority of pedophilia it often gets its own distinctive term like infantophilia or nepiophilia.

        So saying that’s pedophilia is silly, when it’s actually often excluded from that.

  3. trewdys says:

    lolibooru sounds like a place I’d visit. If you’re gonna fap to illegal material, might as well throw away all your other morals, if possible.

    Me? I’m not a lolicon. I don’t like them particularly because they’re children or anything. As for H-material, lolis could be called a multiplier for my other fetishes. PreCure x tencacle rape > Normal woman x tentacle rape. Loli x vanilla = Adults x vanilla = 0.

    • Valence says:

      I mean, I already have little morals. The only thing I feel repulsed by is probably yaoi and the aforementioned ‘toddlercon’ thing. Tentacle Rape is fine. (Residence of Obscene Art is amongst my favourite H-Mangas.)

      Lolis multiply fetishes, but when they get too young , I can’t take it. I’ve read some PreCure doujins, and I could take it (moderately), but any younger than that, oh god.

      • Tyciol says:

        Morals eh? Is your repulsion from Yaoi on a moral basis? If not, why should we think repulsion to toddlercon is any different?

        • Valence says:

          Repulsion to Yaoi is because of a personal matter. Shall not elaborate.

          It’s just an opinion after all, so I don’t see how there can be a right or wrong in what I’m saying.

  4. Persocom says:

    Whoa whoa whoa what the fuck. I thought Gelbooru was bad enough with all the toddlercon and crap (I’ve blacklisted several tags there) but this is just seriously messed up. I guess I’m not really surprised by it but it’s definitely not cool. Especially those comments. Loli characters and all are fine, and I don’t mind it to an extent, but there has to be a line drawn here. These kind of freaks make me sick. Straight up pedo. You can’t even really defend them by saying oh it’s just art.. *shudder*

    • Valence says:

      I’m okay with lolis, even with pictures of them being erm, violated, but only occasionally. One picture had a bunch of toddlers being slathered in semen with a huge crowd of ‘Anonymous’s commenting their own eager comments as though they were doing a running commentary of the picture. Straight up pedo. Even I don’t do that kind of things.

      • Tyciol says:

        So, a girl being raped against her will is okay, but a baby getting ejaculated on is not?


        Consider this: isn’t penetration more harmful than getting cummed on?

        Also, if you love lolis more than babies, shouldn’t you be more offended when they are abused?

        • Valence says:

          The images with babies being ejaculated on always come with being raped too, so there isn’t really much I can say in response to your question.

          I admit, I’m not really a big fan of rape anyway.

  5. kknd says:

    If you wanted to find pics of ana not being violated why didnt you look at safebooru?

    • Valence says:

      I mean, every single picture, or more accurately 19/20.

      I’m okay with some of them, since Ana looks relatively okay for a loli to me. But seriously, when the age gets younger than that I can’t withstand it. Ana violated is a-okay ;/

  6. Nopy says:

    I know of Gelbooru, Danboorou, and Safebooru, but this is the first time I’ve heard of Lolibooru. It doesn’t sound like a pleasant site to visit from your descriptions. I’d much rather stick with my Touhou images ^.^

  7. kknd says:

    i’ll let ya in on a secret, when i started hosting lolibooru all i wanted was a place with more lolicon then any other booru. Safebooru was orginally created to fund lolibooru’s server. Regardless of that i wanted to get rid of it after 8 months because it was getting a pain in the ass finding hosting for it. So i gave up ownership.

    About the comments, well yeah.. its creepy but thats pretty normal since its an imageboard and only has lolicon. If you check out gelbooru’s comments on toddlercon you will find the same, its the internet. shit like that happens.

    Now i’m putting all my time into safebooru and i started a new project at where people can create there own booru online 🙂

    • Valence says:

      Cool! So you’re the guy behind Awesome. 😀

      No offence , but although I knew Lolibooru hosted lolicon, the comments are the major turnoff for me, but I guess that can’t be helped. I’m okay with lolicon too, but perhaps I’m just not used to stuff like toddlercon . . . shit happens.

      Anyway, nice to know you’re the guy behind I wish you the best of luck ;D

  8. howeirong says:

    And this is why I stick to Safebooru and Pixiv, and usually only to artists I know.

  9. ScorchNRoses says:

    It’s the internet. You can’t do anything to it ._.

    If you don’t like something, just avoid it since there’s nothing else you can do except for that.

  10. flyzice says:

    I’ve never heard of lolibooru, and the comments on your screen shots really freaked me out. Anyways, I decided to visit the site to check it out and see the overall content. But boy, some of the content are creepy!

  11. Yi says:

    Out of curiosity, I visited lolibooru… Pretty much the same feelings. There’s a difference between appreciating lolis for their adorableness and wanting to abuse them out of perversion. Lolibooru seems to be on the wrong side. Disgusting.

    • Valence says:

      Lolibooru has more pedophiles than lolicon. I always like to assert that there is a fine line between being a lolicon and being a straight out pedophile, but these users just crossed the line, way too far.

      I’m okay with its content- to a extent. I just dislike its userbase though.

      • derp says:

        And of course, that line is always draw so you will never cross it, right? I mean, you are okay, but anyone with slightly more extreme desires is fucked up, right?

        • Valence says:

          Oh god, not another one.

          In retrospect I’m not annoyed by no matter how ‘extreme’ your desires may be. Just SHUT UP. Why post so many comments on the images that start to border on creepy? Can’t you make it a better viewing experience for others?

          • There’s really nothing wrong with Lolibooru. I respect that you aren’t interested in the content, but there are plenty of sites that are just the same. Why single out this one?

            Your “Pedo vs Lolicon” argument reminds me of a moron named Akemi. Just because you’re not into something doesn’t make it wrong for others.

            My $0.02.

            ShankatsuForte, Admin –

            • Valence says:

              FOR WHAT SEEMS TO BE THE HUNDREDTH TIME, PEOPLE : The reason why I single it out is that the userbase is what ticks me off. I’m fine with the content, and that’s why I moved to , dear Admin (if you really are who you say you are)

              I mean, I went to Lolibooru because of the content, but the users were getting annoying, that’s why I wrote this.

              • Tyciol says:

                Why are you generalizing about a user base anyway? Yeah, the comments you posted are obnoxious, but a lot of us civil folk have posted comments on said sites too, you seem to be lumping us in with them. Every site’s got bad eggs eh?

          • tyciol says:

            Do you happen to notice the irony of your comment? The people you are complaining about have comments that “border on creepy”.

            Lolicon artwork in general, even the stuff without sex or nudity that is slightly ecchi, does not merely border on creepy, it actively creeps out a large segment, if not the majority of the entire population.

            I would think someone sophisticated enough to enjoy loli would be exposed to enough emotional silliness that they wouldn’t make the same types of arguments that would be used to criticize any form of art appreciation in the first place.

            • Valence says:

              Well, I have to admit that I didn’t think much before writing this rant. I just figured no-one would take it seriously. Apparently, I was wrong.

              But the reason I complain is I’ve found great loli that doesn’t actively ‘creep’ me out. I’ve found good images, great ones that I really liked, but some not-so-much. Now apply that here: I’ve found a great image, marred with comments that make me wonder about the person who types them : it isn’t the comment that’s creepy,it’s probably the person . . .

              • Tyciol says:

                Yeah I get that, just keeping in mind, what creeps you out might not creep out those who aren’t as easily creeped. Just like what doesn’t creep you out might creep out the majority of the population anyway.

  12. someone says:

    oh get over yourself no one is making you visit the web sight

    • Valence says:

      Yeah, I know. But still, it’s a funny feeling that’s hard to describe. It’s hard to place into words the feeling of declaring yourself a member of an organization and then regretting that after that. I don’t know how to explain it. Ah, it’s over anyways.

  13. Mc Squizzy says:

    oo give it a rest. not every one is a pedophile. and did you ever stop to think that maybe haveing that stuff around may help people stay away from child rape? take it all away and next thing u know it their’ll be an incress in rape both young and old. and besides any thing thats hand made or made via computer in cartoon form is not illegal in most places. i could draw a loli with a pencle and paper, shood i be arested kass i can draw? and as a final note, lolicon/toddercon will nerver truely be gone no matter how hard nosie self righteous people try.

    • Valence says:

      Agreed. I’m not saying or calling for the abolishment of Lolibooru. I’m just ranting about its userbase, which of course, I assume you are part of.

      Neither am I calling for the complete removal of lolicon/toddlercon. I admit, I must have not been a complete lolicon, contrary to my suspicions. Sorry I can’t make any sense of your English, but I assume you do mean ‘noisy ‘ right? Now, am I being self-righteous, by which I assume you mean that I’m anti-lolicon? No. AM I being anti-lolicon? No. I’m ranting against its userbase.

      Its userbase has deterred me from using the site again. Does that mean I am -not- a lolicon? Not at all.

      Anyway, back to the point. Has porn deterred rapists? No, the thing is that instead, it has lead to increase rape rate. Yet it is still necessary and right. I notice that you have accused me of not only aiming for Lolibooru’s deletion, but also against Lolicon, or even Hentai in general. I’ll have you know that I, too, was a part of Lolibooru’s users for a while, but soon their comments really disrupted my browsing experience. Thus I quit, and wrote this to say why.

      I admit, the tone was angry. But it’s after all, a rant, and by no means have I carried out any of your accusations.

  14. Lee says:

    So much hypocrisy and moralfaggotry I think I’ll throw up. Seriously, it’s just drawings. What exactly do you expect from a lolicon fetish site? Fully clothed innocent anime children dancing in a field of flowers and butterflies? Give me a break. I’m guessing you haven’t been using the internet for long, because if you have you would be sensitized to this stuff by now. I’ve seen much worse on the internet. :/

    • Valence says:

      You’re hilarious.

      Fine, whatever, to clear things up, I added an extra section. I find it tiring to try and argue to readers both online and IRL, so there. Hope this answers your questions, and hope less people come here and rage. Hope you calm down or something, since you seem to be indeed, very angry about something I’ve done a poor job in explaining.

      Sheesh, relax. My main point is that I hate Lolibooru’s users. You can rage on that.

      • Tyciol says:

        I will: I’m a lolibooru user, why do you hate me? Please hate people as individuals, not groups.

        • Valence says:

          Which is the thing I was ranting about? How these users give the whole of lolibooru a bad name?

          Ok fine, I hate those creeps. They make Lolibooru seem bad.

  15. Abra says:

    Eh, I always try and avoid the comments sections on any site, just because it’s annoying going through the spam, the trolls, etc. Just like youtube comments tend to make me lose faith in humanity, I try and not scroll down, but sometimes the content just tempts me because I NEED to see how stupid the comments are or find the rare, actually funny post. I frequent dan far more than lolibooru, but I suppose I’d just say NEVER take those comments at face-value. Better to laugh at the ridiculousness of it than to take it seriously.

    I do agree about lolis for the most part though, I normally prefer yuri, and am not really into seeing huge (in comparison) full-grown men dominating lolis. Just not my thing. I’d much rather there be some elements of cute, even in explicit pictures.

    • Valence says:

      I frequent plenty of ‘boorus. Just that I don’t really like the users in Lolibooru. Sheesh, they should just keep quiet sometimes. The good thing about YT, however, is that usually the funny comments get bumped up by peers.

      I do like lolis. I think I’m a lolicon. But for some reason I just don’t really like Ana being violated, I like Ana you see 😀

  16. KIWI says:

    I am a pedophile and I don’t like neither seeing little girls being raped. But I don’t make a long rant against the people who like this kind of lolicon because is just fantasy. Many pedophiles watch lolicon because CP is illegal, and the ones that like rape lolicon are not more than the ones that like consensual sex with children.

    I don’t see any problem with being a pedophile the same way i dont think there’s any problem with being gay, bi or wathever. Or liking toddlercon or lolicon or shota. Is just fantasy. Personally, I enjoy the sweet loli-stories, but I don’t have a bias against those who like the “rough” stuff”. You don’t like it? Fine, but that doesnt give you the right to bash those who do like it.

    All lolicon hentai is virtual pedophile sex, by definition. Don’t assume that we, pedos, prefer the “rape” lolicon over the “consensual” lolicon (It’s kinda funny to speak of “rape” or “consent” when everything is fantasy and not real) because it is not true.

    And calling “rape lolicon” ‘pedophilia’ but “consensual lolicon” ‘art’ is nonsensical because
    1) pedophilia is not an act.
    2) Neither is lolicon.
    3) Pedophilia is not the attraction to little girls getting raped, its the emotional and sexual orientation towards children, just like homosexuality is the emotional and sexual orientation towards adults of the same sex.

    • Valence says:

      Nah, I’m a lolicon too, I hear you man. Lolicon is just about as vague a genre as every other genre out there. In no way can we conclusively group lolicon images into one type of art. Although I’m not a pedophile, I do admit that I occasionally surf the web for lolicon images out of boredom. I guess this must have lead to a smaller acceptance of lolicon than most actual lolicons have.

      And to clarify, I just didn’t like Ana being violated because I like her, and I’m sorry if I sounded like I was bashing you guys. I guess I’m narrow-minded too.

      • tyciol says:

        Here’s a Q: why is it sometimes cute when girls cry? Is it because it activates a protection instinct? Could rape imagery do the same?

        • Valence says:

          It’s cute because it does activate a protection instinct. It’s a study conducted by sociologists (if I’m not mistaken) in the pre-2000s era. It triggers our ‘protect’ response.

          Rape is treading on a dangerous line, because different artists have different interpretations of it. Some have the loli suffering and crying in agony, others don’t. So regarding your question, I’d say : depends.

          • Tyciol says:

            One could respond positively in either case though, like with urge to protect/love someone in pain, or delighting in someone’s enjoyment.

  17. KIWI says:

    * and the ones that like “rape” lolicon are not better than the ones that like “consensual” lolicon.

    • Valence says:

      Also, one more thing : it seems that Google has removed Lolibooru from its results list under the reason that it’s ‘child porn’. What is your comment on this situation?

      • tyciol says:

        Child porn is an oxymoron, if we define a child as one who does not consent to sex, they can not be a prostitute because one must consent to give sex to be able to sell it.

        • Valence says:

          Exactly! You’ve hit the nail right on the head.

          Porn is an industry, but child porn isn’t as though the child joins such a job, usually the child is forced to participate! So I wonder why Lolibooru is considered child porn if technically it isn’t.

          • Tyciol says:

            Actually it is an industry, it’s just a misnamed one. The adults who sell humans like products are still doing business, afterall, though an illegal one. This is much like how trading slaves would be industry. I just don’t like the word pornography used this way because porne = prostitute, and it’s hypocrisy to on one hand call a child a whore and on the other say you’re protecting them.

  18. DK says:

    “What is your comment on this situation?”

    It doesn’t really matter. I know I’m just jumping into this conversation, but I’ve actually heard from the owner of the site (Mainly because he’s also co-admin on, and made a post about it).

    Right now, they’re thinking it out, trying to get google to reverse their decision on the fact that lolicon isn’t actual CP.

    Also, you’re wondering why people like toddlercon? It’s like loli, except it’s like concentrated, sickening cuteness. They’re flippin’ adorable. Same thing with shota. Know PoJo’s work? HOW CUTE ARE THOSE BOYS? It makes me want to stab myself, but in a good way…..that make any sense?

    And….to KIWI…why the HELL would you announce to everybody that you’re are an actual pedo? Shit man, if I wanted to I could get your IP, pinpoint your location, call your local police and they could very easily nab you, and yes, THAT CAN HAPPEN. Just because you’re on the internet, doesn’t mean you should just….say that.

  19. lost says:

    Some thing said here are very untrue but i get the point

  20. Anony-- says:

    Ugh. Same for most fetishes really. You can search for furries or search for little animals from childhood shows getting raped to death. Some people just like extreme.

  21. Yokai says:

    Yeah I hear ya there. I’m a huge Loli fan. I mean sure seeing then consent to violation is okay, but only if their in a certain age grouping. Personaly I dont like anything thats below 13 or 14 in appearence. after that it gets hard to stomach, but freaking todlers getting raped? I’ll put it this way, I’d like to frigging strangle the sicko’s who think of that crap.

  22. Yokai says:

    Yeah. I dont blame ya even a bit my friend. Good luck on your quest for good quality loli. Hey mabey you could make the first loli site that doesnt include todlers and such

  23. baka~ says:

    well, regardless of how we justify our preferences the world will always look down on us because they keep on lumping one lolicon’s preference with another, generalizing and branding even those toddlercons and whatever weird fetishist that lurks in the recess of the net into a convenient, easy-to-point-out group known as lolicons. it’s quite saddening and it’s injustice to those pure, harmless lolicons but I guess this is how the world works X_X

    • Valence says:

      This is how politics work, rather.

      • baka~ says:

        guess you’re talking about the manga ban that I’ve been hearing about?

        • Valence says:

          Yeah, everything the politicians say these days get passed off as knowledge and become right. I mean, if an influential politician simply decides to ban anime all together, sooner or later people would agree with his skewed argument anyway.

          The world is like that- on one side it claims to be accepting, but on the other it purges itself of all the things it hates.

          • baka~ says:

            well, I haven’t really read most of the comments about that issue but there are some good points such as international pressure in ridding Japan of anime/manga that claim to cause all sorts of crimes against the society.

            the most recent info that I heard was about the TAF issue

            It’s annoying but imo, we really can’t do anything at this point. I heard that there was even a petition signed against it but that was discarded/shrugged off. If the government itself blocks the demands of its citizens then what can foreigners do with the matter? So it’s become more of a wait and see approach. depending on how the anime/manga industry would continue, otaku from all over the world may react.

            • Valence says:

              What I think is that there would be two plausible scenarios: One, the bill stays but is modified for greater freedom , so what really needs to be censored is censored and restricted, or two, it’s cancelled or ineffective.

              • baka~ says:

                if we consider the censorship, “To what extent will the censors go?”

                there are some anime that, when censored, messes up the quality of the story while there are others that needs to be censored since it deserves no relation to the actual plot, whatsoever.

                Then again, if there are scenes that needs to be censored, why try to include them in the anime in the first place? In effect, won’t this censoring spawn heaps of conservative anime that may even send us back to the time where fan service is obscene, and characters would wear less revealing clothing and no more gratuitous amounts of blood and violence…

        • Valence says:

          People think these scenes are interesting, or perhaps these scenes were a result of straight-to-anime adaptations.

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  26. Tyciol says:

    lol at your righteous outrage.

    I’m not sure I agree with trollish comments like that being the “base” of a site, personally.

    • Valence says:

      On second thought, perhaps you’re right. After all, after writing this post I’ve gotten tonnes of comments from people defending Lolibooru. . .

  27. Domino says:

    ille say it this much i enjoy lolicon Anime and i think Lolibooru puts “all charaters are 18 or older” as a loophole to avoid from being shut down by their sponsors of course i dont think you can really put an age on anime given they are fictional charters

    as for the comments on that site i agree with you i kinda find them disturbing
    anime loli is all good but putting it into a RL situation saying things like “i wanna do this to my 10yr old daughter” thats disturbing
    also i guess i can call myself a lolicon because i do like girls who look younger than their actual age example an 18yr old who looks 15 but i wont go after a girl who is 15 and try to get into sexual acts.

    • Valence says:

      Lolicon =/= pedophile.

      That’s what we’re trying to prevent here. People think they are the same, while they aren’t.

  28. afkeroge says:

    Wow, this was quite the battlefield!

  29. Cheesey says:

    Hey, a friend of mine just brought this post to my attention, and I’m really sorry that you feel that way 😦

    Anyways, I just wanted to make a post to let you, and whoever else know, that shit like that is going to be going away. I will soon have more moderators and a better “spam” system in place to help hide shit like that (as I too hate those kind of comments)

    I personally take responsibility over the lack of moderation on the site, as I really let shit slide whenever school got busy and the server got slow. But with a new server on the way this week, we will hopefully soon employ more mods and whatnot to help keep this shit under control.

    Any other feedback you have is appreciated, either on here, or at my email, which is

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