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AniBlogger Interrogation Game

In case you haven’t heard, Iso over at Nabe!! has launched a cruel campaign of capturing and torturing anibloggers to extort personal information out of them. I’ve had the pleasure of getting roped into the mess, so I guess it’s … Continue reading

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Facts of Life that Some Anime Fans Need to Realize

Time for me to write a filler post under the pretense of posting rants about anime fans~

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Twitter-length Demotivational Review [TLDR]: Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

 Zombie: What better way to end an already sub-par show than a useless pool/idol episode? The only consolation I got was Eucliwood’s singing. (140 characters) Borrowing Valence’s idea won’t hurt, would it? Too bad I’m not too good with … Continue reading

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Posts I’d rather not visit ever again

There were moments as a fledgling blogger where I tried to come up with as many posts as possible to get readers. Needless to say, most of these posts didn’t really amount to much, but just as how Confucius said … Continue reading

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OreImo is starting to piss me off – A rant.

I don’t know. Perhaps it’s me. Perhaps it’s the result of how my friend puts it, ‘being too negative.’ Or perhaps I just don’t like the show as much as I wanted to. Every episode, I find the show to … Continue reading

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My personal peeve with Lolibooru

As much as I, the closet lolicon Valence , like lolis, I find that I don’t like Lolibooru. For some reason, an image board hosting nothing but lolicon doesn’t appeal much to me. I find myself disgusted at entering the … Continue reading

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