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I’m late to the 50 Questions thing?

So it seems that I, Azure am the only one who hasn’t even touched the “50 Questions with xxx” meme-trend-fad-thingy. I think I saw this on Facebook or Tumblr or somewhere… I’m so glad Anima still counts as an author … Continue reading

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I’m conforming to this

Well, since everyone on AOIA seems to be doing this, why not I re-blog mine? SleepySlacker told me about this funky new thing all the Ani-bloggers are doing a while back in class when we weren’t paying attention to our … Continue reading

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50 Questions with @fkeroge

I know, you folks must be tired of all these 50 Questions posts. However, my answers are the best out there! Hahaha! Okay, joking aside, I just wanted to post one of these. Credit goes to AceRailgun for starting the … Continue reading

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I’ve run into some problems.

If you are a regular reader of AOIA, you will notice that I haven’t yet put up my Guilty Crown Episode 2 Post. Well, the reason for that, beside the episode in question being a horrible pile of tropes saved … Continue reading

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