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X Days to Christmas aka no-one remembers the 13 of December: Introduction

Ah. Right. 12 Days. I’ve completely forgotten this year. And all that excitement I had for it last year seems to have faded completely. It’s probably too late for you if you’re just reading about the 12 Days event right … Continue reading

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“My Opinions are the Best and Yours Suck, so Agree with ME!” – Anime Blogs

Anime bloggers are generally nice and polite for some reason. In fact, I was like that at some point or another, and maybe I still am. But behind all that eloquence and the amiable facade might lie something that most … Continue reading

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Yep. It’s Valentine’s day today, the day where couples realize they don’t love each other enough and proceed to buy overpriced roses and eat food and spend more time than usual to convince each other that theirs is true love. … Continue reading

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