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"You know, when you're standing on the platform at the station, don't you have things that cross your mind. Like, what would happen if you jumped?"

Free will, Magical Girls, and Kyuubey.

I haven’t been getting my Puella fix lately, and as a consequence have found myself revisiting old episodes to examine more deeply what has happened so far in the show. Right away I was intrigued by some of the first … Continue reading


Hanasaku Iroha – Wonderful and heart-warming.

Note: This review is spoiler-free. I’ll be avoiding any major events in the episode and mostly talking about the mood and initial characters. Most of the episode is left out. Today I opened up a few of this season’s new … Continue reading

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Digression of Fools

So I was getting a haircut today when my reflection whispered back, “…as significant as a strand of hair on my head, doomed to a fate of being cut off by hairdressers eventually and ultimately forgotten and ceasing to exist.” … Continue reading

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What makes an anime popular?

We all have shows that we adore for various reasons. Whether it be the plot (Seikon no Qwaser), the deep characters (Lucky Star), or just the right dose of humor, there’s usually at least one show per season that you … Continue reading

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