About the blog:

A blog ran by a guy who’s probably too old for anime nowadays anyway. I like to write things that no-one reads and play as various little girls in various games, from LoL to deresute because I’m currently a freeter lol


37 Responses to About

  1. scarletdevilmansion says:

    I will add you soon don’t worry ^_^
    to gain 20 views spam comments to 50 blogs lol that will work to advertise your blog xD

  2. statwiz says:

    sorry I delete my old blog ^^;; will add you again now (ps : please delete this comment after you read it thanks)

  3. Valence says:

    Oh lol? Now i know who you are =D

  4. ippius says:

    lol some interesting stuff u hav here in ur blog. mind a link exchange?

  5. Fabrice says:

    Just want to say i subcscribed to your post.
    ill add your blogroll asap =)
    thanks for the add ^^
    btw is it okay to change from My final Haven to Fabrice Requin?

  6. K says:

    Hey man! nice content! added you to my blogroll. care to exchange links? ;3 subscribed to your posts as well :3

  7. Azure says:

    hurh~ in despair eh?
    and Sinagpore FTW indeed.

  8. JOnKEnna says:

    Intriguing blog. All this talk of despair cheered me up. Will subscribe. Hop you’ll check out mine.

  9. misterowl24 says:

    Nice blog. I am also a lonely freak with specs. 😛

    Add you on my blogroll.

  10. Lemon Wedges says:

    Yeah, I noticed the whole third person first person thing. This blog does look like lots of fun, though.

  11. Justin says:

    Wait a moment, you pull people from the train? Impossible! I can’t believe it–

    Oh wait. I think I get it. N-nevermind…

  12. I really like your blog and i really appreciate the excellent quality content you are posting here for free for your online readers. thanks peace dale tuck

  13. Amerowolf says:

    Liked the blog so far, brah. I’ve been coming back and glancing at some of your past articles for a few days now.

    I’ll be back.
    You can take that as a threat if you want.

  14. afkeroge says:

    Hmmmm…. since I have a translating job, I was thinking of making my blog more of an update blog rather than an anime blog. Will it be okay for you if I move over here too?

    • Valence says:

      I don’t really mind. . . . . I guess. The more the merrier.

      But I’ll need to know what kind of things you’ll post, plus your information , links if any for the about pages and whatnot via email =D

  15. Smiley says:

    Hey there. I’m interested in signing up as a writer here. Is there any sort of process I need to go through for this?

  16. Rei says:

    Hi! I’ve added you to my blogroll with a banner and since I can’t find any fitting banner to use on your site, I’ve customized one myself for you using one of your headers. I hope you don’t mind me doing so, or otherwise, you can always send me the banner you want me to use in the dimension of 174 x 60. I look forward to more updates from your blog!

  17. amaruro_03 says:

    A great blog name, If i do say so myself! really made me ponder about it for a while! xD Anyways, i’m still a noob at this kind of stuff, so do you mind telling me how to set up a banner and to display it? o3o

  18. Aaeru says:

    hey sorry to bother

    i saw you in the subscribers list for my old blog, would be very happy if you can re-subscribe at the new URL (http://visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.org) if you want to~ the old one got suspended >.<

    sry for that. ty

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