X Days to Hanukkah: Medaka-Box Abnormal

Medaka Box - 04 (36)


Medaka Box, how I love thee.

When it started, I thought Medaka Box was terrible. I’ve never read the manga at that point, and I felt that Medaka’s inherent supremacy over her student population had the same bitter taste as sugar water and ear cleansing wash. It was terrible for the first few episodes, and I couldn’t take it, so I dropped the anime. But out of boredom, I read the manga, and suddenly, poof, I’m a fan. Yes, I’m easily influenced, and no, I won’t give you my fucking bank account details.

So when Medaka Box abnormal came out, I was rather overjoyed. I first thought of Medaka Box’s transition from slice-of-life to a full on battle anime to be fridge brilliance, then I realise: d’oh, that’s the fucking point, you moron. Medaka Box was always parody. Medaka is, in a way, both a parody and a serious character. A parody because she parodies the trope of omnipotent student president, serious because she has big breasts. Also, she’s central to the story. That counts too, I suppose.

The series itself started to revolve around the conflict with what’s I call the hidden antagonist, the Shiranui clan, which essentially started the whole Flask Plan to create the perfect human. Medaka fights 13 levels of Class 13’s dungeon, defeating everybody, finding her lost siblings and ending the Flask Plan for now. Everything was animated accordingly to the manga: something I respect, but I found myself actually wanting filler. Just so there could be some content in the anime that wasn’t in the manga. I really wouldn’t mind for once.

Theory-wise, I realised that technically, anything could be an abnormality in the show. Since Medaka’s ability was to master all abnormalities, the ability to master high-level fields, occupations and studies seems to show that these were abnormalities to be learnt, and picked up. Does this really impact the series in any way? Reading the manga so far, not really. I hope it does make a difference at some point though.

Kumagawa also got animated, although I guess I didn’t expect him to be voiced by Ogata. I was sort of expecting a slightly deeper voice, instead of his kiddy voice.  He comes across as sounding way too similar to his child self, but I guess that’s not really his fault , is it?


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