X Days to Navidad, ABT THE SECOND

Remember this circlejerk we were so excited for? It’d be just wrong if I didn’t mention the ABT this year.

Also, I seem to have missed out an entire day by accident. Fuck that, orz.

When I think back to the ABT, I no longer really think about the competition itself- there isn’t any prize, anyway- but more of the process. I mean, seriously, I’ve already been posting less and less since 2011, and the announcement of the 2nd ABT kept me going on for about another half-year or so. Thinking of the Aniblog Tourney reminds me of pretty much how much time this blog has spent floating about the blogosphere, and how many years I’ve delved into this fandom.

I find that the blog, or blogging as a whole, isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be. Perhaps it’s the lack of comments compared to posts of yesteryear, or the fact that the team’s all moved on, except for the two of us veterans who’re bombarding your feed with posts right now. Instead, I find that the blog has become a marker for my hobby to keep me in it.

Earlier this year, I actually subtly hinted that I wanted to quit the blogosphere through a thinly-veiled meta post. Back then, it seemed inevitable that I would leave the blogosphere completely. After all, 2DT had quit, and that was pretty much a big blow to me back then. I thought that no matter how committed you were, how much you blogged, eventually, the stream runs dry, and you would quit. The post sort of ended on a down note by essentially saying “I don’t know when to quit, or why.” Then 2DT came back to the blogosphere, of course, and I started to question my beliefs.

…..why ;_;

The ABT for me was always, a goal and motivation. It motivated me to stay on and continue blogging, even if meta posts slowly become relics of the past, so it seems. It made me strive to post more, and try different styles of posts, even if the readership becomes more and more ghostly – to me, anyway. Thinking about the ABT also makes me wonder about what 2DT said back when he shut down his previous blog.

“Anime can be a second reality.  It can be an escape, a reprieve, a haven away; Door Number One is the geeky stuff, Door Number Two is everything else, and ne’er the twain shall meet.  I think that’s easy enough to do.  It’s much more difficult to live in both worlds at once.”

I find that, somehow, I have done it. I’ve merged everything, and I’ve made this hobby part of my life once again. I’m spending time on it again, I find the motivation to take part in it again, and I’ve made it part of me.

So the ABT was indeed a major milestone for the blog. It not only served as one of the blog’s early goals, but it also served as a form of motivation to keep me going, keep the blog going, and keep the posts flowing. Whenever I think about the ABT, I realized that I wouldn’t want anything to change about it at all.

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6 Responses to X Days to Navidad, ABT THE SECOND

  1. That is some deep stuff….I feel ya man

    Blogging ain’t fun after a while. You feel the need to justify your motivation to write with views or interests and those wane after a while.

    Blogging sat at the back of my mind for months as I prepared fro my O’s, reminding me that I love watching anime and that I should get to it. It just sat there and festered. And now, I’m back and it’s still kinda meh to write. We need to spice things up!

    • ValenceS2 says:

      I’m feeling you, man. It’s indeed kinda ‘meh’ to write. To be honest, I don’t even want to write the next post in the series…not for the lack of comment, but for the presence of work. I ‘d rather just slack.

      I find myself interested in anime again, but blogging still feels like a task with no reward.

      it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth

  2. That’s kind of why I go all over the place on my blog. I figure that, by covering all my interests in one place, I avoid the risk of becoming bored with blogging. My only problem is that the real world keeps me away from it more than I would like.

    • ValenceS2 says:

      It’s true that that is a way to solve it, but to be frank, I doubt that if I wrote about anything, it would really pass. I mean, I could even write about games and whatnot, but I don’t know how the readers will take it.

      Then again, I wonder if there are any readers at all nowadays, so I guess I’ll have to give it a go some time.

  3. Nopy says:

    Good on you for keeping up with blogging. I think some people actually quit while I was gone…

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