X Days to Christmas: Moving on to Mangoes

RonContinuing from yesterday’s post, I attempted to brush aside my lack of actual anime articles with excuses about other preoccupations preventing me from writing more often. However, ironically enough, one of these preoccupations appears to be my newfound love for manga – and a specific genre of it.

I’ve never been one to blog about manga. Not that I don’t want to do so, but because to be honest, I have no idea how to do so. I’ve attempted to do so once last year with some manga, but it didn’t feel right. And I tried once again in Season 2, but it still didn’t turn out so well.  Ho-hum. Perhaps I could chalk it up to my relative unfamiliarity when it comes to manga blogs, or manga reviews in general, or perhaps I could say something cheesy like “I’ve lost the spark” or something shoneny like that, but really, manga reviewing isn’t quite up my alley yet.

However, manga has become much more accessible to me compared to anime nowadays. This seems rather obvious and self-explanatory, but with the probable ban of my BakaBT account and my phone’s new 3G plan, connecting online to read a couple of chapters of manga is easier than ever. Manga has become a new way for me to get into the fandom, and it’s even reconnected me to old flames. I’ve picked up Bleach again, much to my own disappointment, and subsequently, surprise. Why did I pick it up? Because I read spoilers for the latest chapter. That alone usually isn’t enough reason for someone to read through 130 chapters in one sitting, but I did. Was the manga any better than it was before? I’m not sure, but I enjoyed reading it. Bizarre..

Another bizarre part of my new-found appreciation for manga was my interest in the horror genre. Horror’s not really my thing. I can’t watch horror movies for nuts, even if they are full of cheap scares, mostly because they’re full of cheap scares. Yet, after I picked up some horror manga that I found on websites like Tumblr or even MyAnimeList, I found myself slowly developing a deeper sense of appreciation for the genre. Horror manga , or at least the ones I’ve read, seem to deviate much more from their film equivalents due to the inability to make cheap scares. They can’t really pop out of the page to scare you, but they can be grotesque nonetheless.

Horror manga conveys its sense of horror through literary devices and through descriptions. This can best be seen in manga like Ibitsu, where an overwhelming sense of despair overtakes the final few chapters. The grotesque become surreal, something best exemplified by mangaka such as Kago Shintaro or Suehiro Maruo, so much so that they no longer become pure horror, but sort of beautiful or even funny as well, more so the former than the latter. It’s driven me to finish as many of these manga I could find, and I don’t really regret a thing.

Perhaps I should write more manga reviews, I suppose. Yet another promise to myself before Xmas.

.......why does it feel like I've broken the promise already

…….why does it feel like I’ve broken the promise already


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5 Responses to X Days to Christmas: Moving on to Mangoes

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  2. Reviewing manga is quite a pain really. Though it’s similar to reviewing anime.

    To me, the main pain is from getting pictures. For anime reviews, it’s spending time getting those damn screenshots and for manga, it’s spending a LOT more time getting the right pages and even cropping….

    But heck, go for it. It’s fun sometimes, if you review one you like.

    I find reviewing in general quite a pain because it gets repetitive unless you really mix things up

    • ValenceS2 says:

      The thing is, I really don’t know what to write anymore.

      People don’t like meta posts, as we’ve learnt. That’s a given.

      But writing reviews for everything is boring. And if we review, it’s usually gotta be something that’s on-going or people will tend to not read it.

      And editorials are impossible nowadays…

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