11 Days to Cursemurse, Day 1: Already Diving Into the Meta like Stephan Feck

Depicted: Metanorn vs. Whiners.Pro

To show that I’m truly unrepentant and beyond cure, I’m starting Day 1 with a post that has nothing to do with anime and is completely meta! How exciting!

I’m a bit ashamed to call myself an anime blogger because as much as I do blog anime, I don’t blog more than 10…no 5 series a year. This was an estimate of course, and as pessimistic as it sounds, after going through the archives, I’ve only blogged about these series this year:

  1. Black Rock Shooter
  2. Medaka Box
  3. AKB0048
  4. Gyo
  5. Perfect Blue
  6. Chu2Koi

And I was literally told to write one an article for one of the above series. I’ll let you guess which one. Point is, I’m not watching enough. I’m not even involved in the blogosphere as much I used to be, as seen by how I’ve forgotten about the event for 2 whole days. My feeds are mostly dead, or dying. Most of the blogs I used to follow with great gusto have pretty much all died out. No new content, yet you can feel their writers lurking about, much like I have been doing for the past few months.

We use our ghost powers for good. Checking out the goods.

To be fair, of course, I have to say that there’s been a lot more things occupying my time nowadays, the specifics of which will be content for a future post. But still, not to blame anybody else for the slump I’ve fallen into, but the scene for me’s been pretty dead. It’s like, we know you’re interested, anon, but you don’t write much anymore, you know? I’m a bit ashamed to admit that this was the same for me as well. Remember that Neon Alley post? I still haven’t followed up on the opportunity for an interview yet. This I just recalled, but Neon Alley was literally the program that brought me back into the blogosphere. Not even anime, just a program. Even this event, which was supposed to be dedicated solely to anime, has been butchered into a series of posts with no discernable, true linking theme. (Note the lack of the word, Anime, in the title.)

So, for my first wish this holiday season, I want a whole new list of blogs to follow. More blogs to follow, more blogs to lurk on. Someone be my secret santa, send me a list. I want to be involved again, and that’s that. I’m already trying to visit the blogs that are alive on my feed list regularly, and comment for once, instead of lurking like I like to do. I know the spirit of Christmas isn’t just to wish for things to happen – Santa isn’t God, after all – but it can’t be too naive to hope for the best, right? I don’t want the blog to die out as well…


Anyway, I’m ending the post here in case I delve too much into other parts of the meta, such as the ABT, which is  – as you’ve guessed it, content for another post. I doubt I’ll ever change. I guess I’ll never change. Never change, me, never change.

Stephan Feck, in case you don’t know him yet.


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