Loot: EOY 2012

DSC_0135As with any MMORPG quest, there’s gotta be some form of reward.


Clockwise from top right:

Guy Fawkes/ Anonymous Mask: Oh boy, I’ve always wanted one of these things. I am going to wear this whenever I use my laptop. I am going to make this part of my face. I am going to read every tweet, every post, every word anyone types while wearing this mask. You cannot hide. But I’m not anonymous. Lame jokes aside, I’ve always found the mask cool, and while I wanted to buy one in Beijing, it was $42 over there…it was of a higher quality though.

EOY Media Badge: This counts.

Badges from CDS: Playing the Neko Hunter game, I won myself a Madoka wedged between two Mamis. You know, a pair of Mamis. Like Mami’s mammaries, all good things come in pairs. I’m not even joking about the ‘wedged’ part since the order was Mami, Madoka, Mami. The Mami was also a C. Two Cs, in fact. You could call them the C-men.  I am making a ton of paizuri jokes.

CMC badge: I felt like I had to get it. It’s not as blatantly brony as getting a badge with a pony on it would have been. It looks ok.

CDS Darkness Note: It’s no secret my current obsession is Chu2Koi. I’m not ashamed at all. Weirdly enough, the book wasn’t a direct copy of Yuuta’s book, but more like a book on the characters and their powers. I like the way they described them, Kumin especially. The addition of an ‘alternate universe’ section was hilarious. The flipbook style OP animation at the corners of the page made this book even more awesome. CDS never disappoints.

Rikka Vinyl: I got two of these. It’s a funny story ,really. I bought one with the intention of placing it on my laptop. But about half an hour after the purchase, I suddenly realised it was transparent – meaning my original plan of placing it over the logo wasn’t going to work out. So I pasted it onto my iPhone, which had a white cover. While it looked great, I found a bit of the transparency poking out, so I tore a bit of it, but out of paranoia I went back to the stall….to find out it wasn’t supposed be torn off. D’oh! So I bought another one…and then I realised I could have placed an order for one with a white background. Since I already had 2 Rikkas, I bought one of Hakase instead. Everything works out in the end.

WOW keychain: Won this from the gacha. I don’t know how the gacha works. All I saw was him checking my name on his iPad and poof, I was passed this keychain. I don’t even.

Furano Melon Caramel: This sweet from Hokkaido is delicious. Sliding open the box, you can immediately smell the sweet melon aroma coming from the candy. It’s just nice, and isn’t too sweet.

Touhou Bookmarks, Set of 5 : Why not? Touhou’s always good.

I wanted to buy a Miku Kagami nendoroid, but I decided against it. I can’t keep buying figures on a whim like this. To be honest, I also wanted to buy this:

Matthew 26:41 Watch and pray, that you enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Matthew 26:41 Watch and pray, that you enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

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  6. Jay says:

    Bless you.

    Also, I was surprised that they have Chu2Koi stuff.

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