Thus ends what seems to be the last AFA I’ll be able to attend for a long, long time. Yet, as much of my twitterfriends and my real-life friends know, I’ve been unable to attend this year due to….mysterious reasons, let’s just say that. More on that, and more about my thoughts on AFA this year as well later in the post.

AFA2012 was held at Singapore Expo, taking up halls 7 and 8. It was a good move in order to cope with the constant crowds that the previous AFAs at Suntec had suffered, forcing cosplayers and guests all over the place. Unfortunately, it seems as though not much had changed this year, for it was crowded nonetheless. Highlights of the previous few festivals remained more or less intact, with a few improvements: much, much more celebrity cosplayers invited this year, including champions from previous cosplay competitions held at AFA, which really does give the local cosplayers a heads-up. More focus on booth-renting: Creator’s Hub allowing more artists to sell and publicise their works, much more musicians being invited and of course, more focus on the sheer enormity of the space itself, what with the ‘biggest Akiba Town yet’ and the Marble Collection. All in all, this year’s AFA seems like a good indicator for the likely success of future AFAs held at the Singapore Expo, and here’s to next year’s AFA being a resounding success as well.

Grand reveal: why was I unable to show up for all 3 days? Chalk it up to the failure to plan accordingly. AFA’s always been a big strain on my budget. The ticket price alone makes my wallet cry. Buying pretty much anything afterwards is the metaphorical equivalent of raping my finances anally using a shoehorn. So yes, it’s safe to say that financial wealth was not my strong point, and thus I felt inclined to take on a job when opportunity presented itself: ushering at a golf tournament: the Barclays Singapore Open. Not that the job was a bad choice, anyway. It was an easy job, good food, quite relaxed, quite simple.

Now, at that time I didn’t realize that AFA would not be from 11-13 November, as I assumed it always was. I reasoned that I could take the job and go afterwards. No sweat. So when I realised it did clash, I reckoned I could go after the last day, paycheck safely tucked in my wallet, and go straight to Suntec City. Here lies the second problem: it’s not at Suntec City this year! Silly me! It would be easier had it been there since it was on the way home, but going to Expo: it’s so far! It’s just so, so far! If I did go there after work, what would I even be doing, in retrospect? I doubt anyone would want to stay all the way to 7 or 8 pm just to meet me and have 5 minutes of awkward conversation, and I doubt much of the good stuff would be left behind.So I opted to have dinner and spend some time alone buying…things instead.

I reasoned that if I wanted to go solely because it felt correct to do so, it really was a waste of time: I hardly watched anything new this year, nor had I really anything in mind that I wanted to purchase. Besides, I’m slowly making the transition from pure anime blogger to manga blogger, I guess. Anyway, the trip was just not worth it. Thank you to those who invited me to go, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it but I guess I’ll try and show up for more local events. EOY2012, maybe? I’ll sneak my way in as a photographer and take nothing but lewd shots shots of cosplayers photos.

PS: As I’m typing this on my phone, this guy in front of me on the train’s holding a Danny Choo bag. As I alight at Admiralty, I see two cosplayers dressed as characters from Naruto. Not bad, the only cosplayers I’ve got to see today. The only sights I’ve had on the job were of sexy cars passing by the drop-off point. Those Lamborghinis. Anyway, props on the giant paper prop thing, whatever it was, as it certainly got the attention of several passengers, but I suggest that it be made of a sturdier material.

PPS: I did get to go to Daiso today, so I can pretend I’ve been in some Japanese themed place. I bought Green Tea on my way home, and my parents bought sushi. I’m going to sleep soon. Close enough, I guess.

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13 Responses to AFA2012

  1. Carillus says:

    Looks like hijacking to update will be even sooner than I expected…

  2. Kai says:

    I saw in one random tweet that even Kaname and Danny Choo is doing the gangnam style dance (whut)

  3. Shance says:

    Just stop dying so the blog doesn’t die too, okay?

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  5. The cosplayers attending the event greatly appreciated the open space in Hall 7 that’s kindly given to them as a place to slack and just laze around and get their photos taken. Once again, as most of you know, back at Suntec it was the level 3, however level 3 may not always be available, so this time they did an awesome job at giving the cosplayers a comfort zone.

  6. piracetam says:

    There’s something about a group of cosplaying girls sitting around chatting. Bonus points for them being frilly loligoth cosplayers. You’ll notice they’r still segregated between the “anime hair color” group and the “natural hair color group”.

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