It’s been one month since the last post on AOIA. I suppose this was inevitable.

Apologies. This was sudden, I suppose; I doubt many cared anyway, but it feels as though as head honcho I should at least say something. Like the last resort of a rifleman faced with tanks.

People move on. GhostLightning shut his blog down as well. Unfortunately, I have more excuses than him. We can’t keep staying on where we are right now. Progress has to be made. We go through phases and phases, through stage to stage. Life’s like a video game that way, except that we have no lives, no power-ups, but only one way to go, and that is to go up. As I’ve said before, AOIA has begun to move on as well. @fkeroge announced his plans to quit, Smiley’s moved onto other blogs, Azure left the fandom, Carillus’s busy with life and CyborgCommunist…has to study.

I feel a bit of guilt whenever I enter my room, because the remnants of my secondary school life linger there: the posters, the figurines, all I’ve done in the fandom. Memories of AFA, et cetera. Yet anime’s something I’ve been so far removed from. I haven’t watched anything in ages. Nothing seems interesting anymore, or rather, I simply don’t have the time, or even the interest. So many things have entered my life, I feel so much more occupied now. Previously it was easy to spend time doing nothing but watch anime, but now doing so feels like a chore. How can I keep being an anime blogger when anime itself seems to no longer be interesting to me?

So I suppose it is with heavy heart that I’m announcing the end of the current blog, AOIA. It’s unlikely we will see much more posts anytime soon from anyone, so I suppose it’s a safe, and perhaps, sudden and unfair move on my part to simply announce the end on my own. However, those last few readers know I’m a bitch, I’m a troll, I’m an attention whore. Yes, I suppose alert readers would have picked up on the words in the first sentence: current.

I am aware: it’s going to be impossible to get AOIA together as a team blog again. I am okay with that, I accept it, and I fully acknowledge that reality. Ok. But it doesn’t mean that I can no longer blog. When I received an email from my friends over at VIZ media, I felt tempted to brag about it to my friends, while of course lamenting my guilt over how I had not posted anything here on this blog for so long, simply because I hadn’t watched any anime since forever. This is where my friend, an avid football fan, just stepped in and told me,

“How can you give up a passion simply because you have no time?”

That, my readers, was what jolted me back to reality. It reminded – no, it revealed to me that all I had been doing was giving excuses for my own detachment from the fandom: there’s no reason why a lack of time should mean I abandon my interests completely.

This, my friends, is the one man show – AOIA season 2.

However, expect no love. Expect no schedules. Don’t expect regular posts. I won’t post consistently. I can post consistently, 1 post per day, multiple posts in one day, or one post in a month. Expect no fucks to be given.  I will be the blabbering old man criticizing things without provocation, with hopefully some members dropping by like kids on my front porch. I will post whenever the fuck I feel like posting, and post whatever I like. I am reoccupying AOIA, and calling it my own again. I know, people need to move on. Yet, I can’t find myself simply giving up AOIA – it’s been such a big part of my life, perhaps I simply don’t have the heart to put her down.

Welcome to Season 2.

Cue the off-topic hipster outro music.


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19 Responses to -THE END?-

  1. Kai says:

    “I will post whenever the fuck I feel like posting, and post whatever I like.”

    This was pretty much what I was doing since day one, I just whatever I like, and whenever I feel like. It’s probably why my blog feels so diverse in topics.

    Anyway, it’s good to see that AOIA isn’t technically ended as of yet. Good luck to the rest of the AOIA members^^

  2. Alterego 9 says:

    This post felt like the not-giving-up scene in a shonen fighter.

    Badass, in other words.

  3. hiroy_raind says:

    Chore huh? Well it does happens to quite a lot of bloggers, like a lot of gunpla bloggers I followed, and myself included.
    At the very least, I believed I could use my blog to further myself in any kind of growth or investment of something.

    I’m not really sure why AOIA is the only anime blog I’ve ever subscribed, but it stays that way even now.

  4. Carillus says:

    Good luck to you, then.
    I hope this doesn’t mean we can’t hijack your blog once in a while <_< I'm only really busy these days because I'm preparing for my booth debut at AFA.

    • ValenceS2 says:

      I’m actually hoping you guys hijack the blog some time soon. Hence the comment about kids on the front porch. This post merely recognises the fact that making AOIA a sustainable team blog is difficult and probably unrealistic.

    • ValenceS2 says:

      oh shit AFA

      idk if I can even make it .____________. what will be at your booth?

  5. Rhythmroo says:

    That’s funny you’re turning that route too…I did that with my game music blog-rhythmroo.com-where I just post whenever I feel like it or need to find an outlet to post reflections on game music-related topics. Like I tell a bunch of other people who go through that stage of “I’ll post when I please” kind of deal: Have fun and use the blog as a medium for writing whatever, whenever.


  6. Danchors says:

    Having never being a blogger myself, I dare to ask: Wasn’t all your argument on this entry the original purpuse of blogging? Anyway, I’m glad you’re eager to continue with your passion and whatever the topics you are willing to address (just don’t write about sports) do it for fun and people is going to read whatever they feel related to. I’ll be damned, I’m not good at this, keep it up man I know of a man who destroyed tanks with only hand granades.

    • ValenceS2 says:

      Well, as an aniblogger I found a sort of obligation to post regularly. Like most other blogs out there which post weekly, or once every few days. To be honest I find it rare that some blogs just don’t give a fuck. And now, I’m joining that imaginary circle.

  7. Jo says:

    Looking forward to season 2..


  8. @fkeroge says:

    Aw, shucks. Well, I was thinking of starting anew myself. AOIA might have reached its peak back in the aniblog tourney, but things started to get a lot busier after. College demands more energy than ever, and while I still watch anime, I had to make time for a lot of other things as well.

    I guess this means I shouldn’t post here as often as I used to, then. Good luck with S2, mate. I wish you all the best, and thanks for letting me blog here for over a year. I’ll try to get back on my bearings and start a new desolate blog. Haha.

    • ValenceS2 says:

      oh no…like I told carillus that while I don’t expect people to post consistently anymore, you’re welcome to post anytime you want.

      Good luck to us both. The blog here may shift to be a bit more manga oriented so stay tuned I suppose

  9. ~xxx says:

    Good Luck!

    Same goes to my blog.

  10. Justin says:

    Whoa. You nearly scared me. You’re one of the blogs I followed when I started mine, so for me it would have been tough if AOIA shut down. But it’s completely up to you, and I like your new mentality. I hope it does well for you!

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