In case you didn’t get the memo – NEON ALLEY

Hey guys, a quick info post from yours truly: do you own a Playstation 3? If so, I assume you at least like anime, right? I suppose you do : otherwise you probably wouldn’t be here reading this anyway. Just reiterating this again: VIZ Media launched a new 24/7 anime channel for the PS3, Neon Alley, earlier this month.

While previously older anime fans may have complained about the terrible dubbing coming from smaller or less popular companies such as 4Kids entertainment, Neon Alley not only shows dubbed anime 24/7, but also with a wider range of titles, ranging from fan favourite Tiger & Bunny to classics like Inuyasha. I heard from a friend that it’s a rather good deal as well, if you know what I mean…

In case you haven’t got to try it yet, I heard from my US friends that it’s great, so you might want to give it a try? More posts from me coming soon in the next few days.


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