Aniblogger Interrogation ‘Game’: “Wake Me Up When September Ends”

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No, Valence isn’t back for Valence – Season 2- yet. To quote CyborgCommunist: “Exams are more of a bitch than an ant bite on the penis. ” Except that 1) I’ve never had an ant bit on the penis I was aware of and 2) Project Work’s a terrible A-Level compulsory exam. Anyway, here we go with my first post in a long while. (I’ll be back  for Season 2 when September ends or thereabouts.)

Sumairii’s questions of choice:

1) Which did you first get into: anime, manga, light novels, or visual novels? Or perhaps something else entirely?

Anime. As I’ve explained before, I got into anime from young because there weren’t any good chinese cartoons worth broadcasting during dinner time. I remember watching Digimon at 5.30pm on the dot, every weekday for years. Good times. I still remember turning the volume to 60 to record the theme song on my Nokia phone so I could use it as a ringtone. This was when people still used PDAs and touchscreen phones weren’t the norm, so keep that in mind.

2) Have you ever been to an anime convention? What was the experience like?

You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you? 

The experience is special in the sense that it really feels like the blogosphere in real life, in the sense that you could probably go around screaming ‘LITTLE CHILDREN ARE THE BEST DESU NE’ or something to that( exaggerated) extent and you probably would not get stomped. You’d probably be hailed as some wisecrack or some hero of the convention of something.

It’s also something to walk around dressed in cosplay and let people take photos, I imagine. I can’t imagine any other event in which wearing cosplay wouldn’t make you stick out like a sore thumb the size of the Empire State building. Same goes here. Everyone can be as geeky or whatever as they want and no-one would give a damn. In fact, they’d join in, probably.

This year, form a brigade of your closest friends and anime aficinados and go around screaming the praises of lolita in swimsuits while giving out namecards. Do it, just do it.

3) Do you own any anime-related paraphernalia?

You’re definitely doing this on purpose. I’ve had tonnes of loot posts on this blog where all I did was upload photos of anime paraphernalia I purchased.


This box is my room. Yes, I share it with people. But you could probably guess how sad I am when I sleep with the LS cushion I bought 2 years ago but never had the heart to stash away in the cupboard. The first thing you could see when you enter the room would be this enormous Rei wall-scroll, forever exposing her breasts while underwater for reasons that still remain unknown to me even today.

All the figurines I’ve bought






Admittedly,I haven’t really bought any merchandise recently, but I’ve had much less time for anime fandom in general, what with new gaming fandoms and school commitments occupying my time as well. But in case you were sharp-eyed, here’s another picture of Titus Azusa.


….i’m going to die alone

4) To what extent do you believe the animeblogosphere has a circle-jerk-y atmosphere?

I completely believe the animeblogosphere has a circlejerky atmosphere. It’s probably the only reason I actually joined the aniblogosphere. Circle-jerk-y is of course, used very loosely here I suppose, but in a sense any community that involves heavy writing is circle-jerk-y in nature.

This AIG is already an example of aniblog ‘circle-jerking’, and I like it.

5) I really don’t want to think of more questions, so this will be an easy one. Can you answer this question?

Elephants. The answer is elephants. Grey ones. Wearing pink tutus.


In the spirit of the AIG, I have to ask 3 other anibloggers 5 questions. And I would have to answer them myself first, of course, but here they are:

1) How long do you see yourself in the anime fandom?

2) If you ever had to do cosplay, who would it be and why?

3) Has anime ever helped you in other aspects of your life? How?

4) Vocaloid Y/N? Why?

5) Kill, fuck, marry: Jun Maeda, Akiyuki Shinbo, Yamamoto Yukata

A brief answer for all of them.

1) How long do you see yourself in the anime fandom?

Up to my mid-twenties, max. I’d expect getting a job to really remove all the free time I have for torrenting anime, and I fear others judging me. No-one really likes older anime-watchers, especially if it’s about magical girls. No-one.

2) If you ever had to do cosplay, who would it be and why?

Itoshiki Nozomu, without a doubt. Because suicidal teachers are the best.

3) Has anime ever helped you in other aspects of your life? How?

It’s been a long day guys, I could write 3 posts on this but just take this post for my word on it.

4) Vocaloid Y/N? Why?

Y. Despite not having time for anime, I found myself getting more and more involved in the Vocaloid fandom, albeit more to do with the utaites – nico nico douga cover artists. It’s gotten to a point where I can’t listen to the original version for songs such as Rolling Girl anymore because it all sounds wrong. Same goes for Chorus versions. I get hooked just watching the PVs. Here’s one I’ve really liked and watched often recently:

5) Kill, fuck, marry: Jun Maeda, Akiyuki Shinbo, Yamamoto Yukata

F, M and K, in that order.


I’ve been so far removed from the aniblogosphere that I really don’t think I’m in the position to finger anyone to really write anything anymore but if I had to pick 3 poor souls and push the burden of answering 5 questions onto them, they would be:

  1. Azure
  2. Mushyrulez
  3. the first aniblogger I see on twitter in this case being Kylaran

Set off, and ignore attempt this challenge.

[please attempt it nonetheless 😦 ]

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  1. Kai says:

    That’s a huge (to me) collection of figurines you have there. I’m still trying to find a proper decorative shelves for mine. My figures are now displayed in a weird cupboard which looks like like a kitchen counter.

    It’s surprising to know that you are actually *planning* to stop watching anime and some point in your life. Honestly, I can’t see myself stopping (and I’m sure it’s the same for most) but I guess we’ll see again as we get even older.

  2. Azure says:

    I wanted to do it and make a comeback on the blog but after rolling a while for a few days I realized I have no idea who to tag and do it or what 5 questions I want to ask :I

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