AniBlogger Interrogation Game

In case you haven’t heard, Iso over at Nabe!! has launched a cruel campaign of capturing and torturing anibloggers to extort personal information out of them. I’ve had the pleasure of getting roped into the mess, so I guess it’s time for a blatant filler post.

1) How did you discover the animeblogosphere and what made you decide to join it?

This really is two questions wrapped in one. What a sneaky tactic. As should be obvious, I must first explain how I got into watching anime in the first place. Well, let’s get on with it then.

Sometime during my early teens I got bored of reading books and started playing games on the computer. Purely as a result of using the computer more often, I discovered the wonderful world of the interwebs. While browsing its deep, dark corners, I happened to come across an image of a cartoon. Except, of course, this was no ordinary cartoon; it was anime. Finding myself intrigued by the “different” art style, I decided to dig around the internet specifically for this anime. Now, like any good 90s kid, I actually grew up watching anime such as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! without even realizing that there was a “distinction” between anime and cartoons, so perhaps I can’t call this my first experience with anime. But I digress. Finding myself enjoying anime, I decided to search for more to watch, and the rest is history.

Now where was I. Oh right, I still haven’t answered the question. A few years after blindly scouring the web for anime to watch, I found myself at a dead-end; I couldn’t find anything else that seemed interesting to me. And so, like any half-intelligent person, I turned to others for suggestions. Except of course, I didn’t really have any friends who watched anime at that time. Having no other option, I turned to the internet yet again and searched for sites that had to do with anime instead of simply searching for anime shows themselves. After a bit of mining, I came across this site known as RandomC. There, I discovered what seemed to be a large database of anime that I hadn’t seen, complete with a plethora of images and detailed articles to give me an idea of what to expect for each show.

I now know that this is what is more commonly known as an aniblog, but for many years, I kept frequenting RandomC as a “resource” to introduce me to more anime. Unfortunately, like mankind does with any resource, I managed to completely expend it by catching up with the then current anime. This prompted me to go digging around the internet again for more similar sites (I still hadn’t learned the concept of the aniblog at that time) to satiate my unquenchable thirst for anime. Fast-forward a few years, and I had discovered sites like TheCartDriver and MyAnimeList, practically taking care of all my anime discovery needs. This was when I realized that there was a distinction between aniblogs like RC and databases like MAL.

As much as I enjoyed watching anime, though, my primary interest had always been playing computer games (specifically first-person shooters). It actually wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I stopped playing them for various reasons. The sudden lack of shooting people in the face left quite a void in my life, so instead of merely reading other people’s writings on anime, I decided to take the plunge and start my own aniblog. Knowing nothing about the community, things obviously didn’t work out very well. And after a couple months of nonexistent readers, I decided to take the tried-and-true advice; if you can’t beat them, join them. Out of the few aniblogs I perused, AOIA particularly caught my attention because it shared my own Singapore roots, so I applied to be a writer here. Thus began my aniblogging career.

Oh, I’ve managed to avoid answering the question again. Great. How did I discover the ‘sphere? Having joined AOIA, I discovered that we were actually in the midst of a horrific struggle known as the Aniblog Tourney 2. True to it’s stated purpose, it introduced me to even more aniblogs, and this time I actually took the time to get to know the writers and readers through the help of IRC, instead of lurking (as I did for years at RC). And that’s where I am now! Congratulations for making it this far without tl;dr-ing. Now on to the four other questions.

2) What type of blog posts do you like to read?

You’re probably exhausted from reading my extremely dull narrative on my aniblog origins, so I’ll make this short. I’ll read anything that isn’t a wall of text. You could throw in images; that’s always a nice way to break up the monotony. But really, even the good ‘ol new empty space will suffice. Just divide your text into something readable in the modern world of short attention spans. For example, my story above barely qualifies as readable. I’d insert images, but I’m feeling lazy.

3) What is/are your favourite anime/manga genre(s)?

I watch and read pretty much anything, except I might be inclined to avoid romance. Oh, and also the obvious stuff like shoujo, because I’m not a little girl (and whatever else I’m not).

4) What is one important lesson that you learnt from watching anime or reading manga?

Err… Shouting makes you stronger? I honestly haven’t learned any important life lessons from watching anime or reading manga. For example, I could read some seinen manga that demonstrates that life is pretty shitty (which I have), but I already knew that. I learn important lessons in life from living real life, not watching some animated character’s life.

5) What is your horoscope? As a bonus, do tell us what traits/characteristics that are associated with that horoscope do you possess if you would like.

Apparently I am a Leo. I don’t really care about the horoscope, so I can’t tell you much about how well I match my supposed traits. Let’s just say I am who I am, and if anything doesn’t match, the guy who made the horoscope got it wrong.

And now, in the spirit of things I am forced to torture other fellow anibloggers in a vicious cycle.

1) Which did you first get into: anime, manga, light novels, or visual novels? Or perhaps something else entirely?

2) Have you ever been to an anime convention? What was the experience like?

3) Do you own any anime-related paraphernalia?

4) To what extent do you believe the animeblogosphere has a circle-jerk-y atmosphere?

5) I really don’t want to think of more questions, so this will be an easy one. Can you answer this question?

But first, I must answer my own questions to make sure that they are excruciating enough to be used against others.

1) I first started watching anime. Then I started reading the manga of certain shows that I particularly enjoyed. I have yet to read a LN, and I haven’t really played any VNs (unless Met’Amour counts).

2) No.

3) No. You’re probably starting to notice a pattern regarding the ease with which I can answer my own questions.

4) Honestly, I don’t think that the ‘sphere has a real circle-jerk problem. The ABT theatrics aside, I think it’s usually a good thing when bloggers come together and have a fun time chatting about what we enjoy. For example, chilling out with bloggers on IRC is no more circle-jerk-y than hanging out with your friends in real life. Or perhaps spending time with your friends is already considered circle-jerk-y? I guess the only solution, then, is to be forever alone. Have fun with that. Seriously though, from my interactions with other bloggers, we don’t always agree on everything we discuss. These differences in opinions are what help give us a broader perspective instead of further insulating our beliefs.

5) Yes.

Phew. And finally, I get to pick the next victims. Brace yourselves. They are: lvlln, Numberss, and Valence (here’s your chance to write something).

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8 Responses to AniBlogger Interrogation Game

  1. Highway says:

    Or perhaps spending time with your friends is already considered circle-jerk-y?

    Only if you’re doing *ahem* certain activities…

  2. Iso says:

    It was rather interesting reading how you got to know anime and the animeblogosphere as well as how you ended up in AOIA. Pardon me but I can’t resist the urge to say “those circumstances were so unique that this story has to be real!”

    And care to share why you don’t like romance?

    • Sumairii says:

      I guess romance just isn’t exciting enough for me. Of course, it could just be that a lot of romance is shoujo oriented, and that bores me greatly.

      The last romance show I watched was Kimi ni Todoke, and I tried really hard to make it through that despite my mantra of not watching what you don’t enjoy. Unfortunately, I was so bored that I ended up dropping it halfway through.

      • Highway says:

        Man, I love romance, but Kimi ni Todoke got moved way off the stove for me. I am thinking of skipping to the second season, where supposedly something happens, but that first season, there was only so much I could take of Sawako wussing out.

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  4. Kai says:

    Shouting makes you stronger, that’s actually a very important lesson.

    On another note, it was a fine read to see how you got into anime and blogging. Do you have internet access as early as early 90s? For me, I only had convenient internet access around 2000s. I watched all my anime on TV back then, at least tried to, it’s tough to catch up with TV shows on a frequent basis.

    • Sumairii says:

      By the time I started actually getting into anime, I already had internet access. With respect to those shows that I grew up with, though, I watched those on TV.

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