A.C.M.E and the rape of my wallet

There, have a heart attack

I know that I haven’t posted here in ages. In fact, nobody has posted actual contet on Otaku Panorama in a long time either. That’s simply because 4/5 of us are 16 and guess what, exams are more of a bitch than an ant bite on the penis. HOWEVER, 3 of us have found time in our pseudo post-exam pre-“O” levels period to head down to a little anime convention today. So here’s a bit of an update and for me to divulge some opinions

Today, Selcouth, SleepyNoYume and I went down to A..C.M.E to meet some Twitter friends and to enjoy our time after a gruelling 2 week long Preliminary Exam. A.C.M.E is an abbreviation for A Certain Magical Event (No prizes for the original inspiration for the name but you might get a cookie!) and unlike AFA, it’s really, really small, which is both good and bad.

To say one thing, ACME (f**k the .’s, it takes too long to type that and I’m a lazy shit) is the third anime event I’ve ever been too anyway so I might just be pulling horse crap out my A-hole but unlike AFA or CosFest (which I went to earlier this year but all the writers conveniently forgot to post on), ACME is a much smaller event. They don’t have all too many sponsers and the turn-out was nothing compared to AFA’s but in it’s own way, it was better than AFA.

Whilst AFA is the big grand-daddy of them all, catering to merchandise, cosplay and gaming while CosFest is clearly geared towards one thing in general, ACME works on a much smaller scale and lets the smaller fry try their luck at selling their merchandise. Sure KKNM was there (because they’re always there as long as it’s an anime -related event) but most of the booths were not major companies (or in fact, companies at all. They were mostly groups of enthusiasts) and it’s refreshing to see what they can offer. For one, they can offer products that the big companies don’t bring in as they don’t garner much profit or don’t appeal to the masses and at a lower price. However, my wallet and my funds took an absolute hammering anyway and you’ll see why soon. Also, ACME sells something that AFA and CosFest doesn’t sell. Doujins! Well, a little of them anyway but hell, I was still happy.

To sum all that up, ACME was just new and interesting. It was small but really fun despite that and I met great people from Twitter. Some of the small-time artists really deserve more credit for their work and the people were really friendly. There were some hardcore fans there that knew how to have a good time. Also, Yanagi Nagi, Supercell’s ex-singer was there too to give some autographs (damn shame I couldn’t get her album).

Now for the mandatory revealing of the loot I got at the cost of my wallet and my money. They got raped (I spent $50).

My phone inverted the image for some odd reason but here, SakayaXKyouko Yuri doujins. In Japanese. Which means hello Google Translate, please don’t be retarded

Autograph my Yanaga Nagi on the really nice postcards. Once again, no idea why my phone flipped the picture like that.

A rather nice Sakuya print and a Monster Hunter bookmark (I’ve never actually played Monster Hunter but heck, red looks cool and these guys look badass)

This really, really nice Hatsune Miku poster. For $8! What a steal! It’s even printed on Linen so it’s more durable

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  1. Azure says:

    $50 is quite mild. I spent over $150 in just 1 day at Cosfest a few years back. *patpat*

  2. Carillus says:

    Guess I’ll be doing ICDS’ review then, since I’m holding a booth there tomorrow…?

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