My Anime Bucket List (@fkeroge’s Project)

I’m sure you guys have heard of the bucket list – a list of things to accomplish before you expire. Obviously, I can’t spend the entirety of my life watching and writing about Japanese cartoons. I will have to work a full-time job after I finish college, and might opt to devote my spare time to something more productive, like family, business or charity.

In preparation for that time of my life, I, @fkeroge, have prepared a list of anime/otaku-related things to do before I kick the anime bucket (or if I’m really unfortunate, the bucket). This list will contain both accomplished and unaccomplished goals in my life as an anime fan and will be updated regularly. I’m nineteen years old, and there’s so much I want to do in my life than to finish my education and work a boring job until I die, and this is the anime side of it.

This is a new collaboration project that I want to start. If you want to participate, feel free to do so. You can also link here so I can link back to your page. The rules are simple. Just list down 20-25 anime-related things that you want to do before you kick the anime bucket. It can be an anime you want to watch, figures you want to collect, articles you want to write, or events you want to attend. If enough people participate, I’ll create a new page for this project.

*Note that the things in your list must be possible to accomplish as of the moment of writing – so no anime that haven’t been aired/announced yet, no unannounced figures/figure lines, etc. You may only include things that you yourself have control over (no “living to see all games that Key will publish” for example). Assume that money is not an issue.*

  1. Finish at least 500 anime series. (in progress)
  2. Master Japanese and have a normal conversation with a Japanese person. (in progress)
  3. Watch anime raw and understand it. (accomplished)
  4. Go to Japan and visit some notable places like Honnouji, Shibuya and Akihabara.
  5. Start an anime-related business.
  6. Learn how to draw anime-style. (in progess)
  7. Buy at least one Clannad figurine (so rare these days).
  8. Complete the Madoka Magica Figma set. (accomplished)
  9. Complete the GSC Madoka Magica statue line, including that Ultimate Madoka statue. (in progress)
  10. See the K-On! movie. (accomplished)
  11. See all the Madoka Magica movies.
  12. See all the Nanoha movies. (In progress)
  13. See Mars of Destruction.
  14. Buy at least one copy of a visual novel. (accomplished)
  15. Write a proper Madoka Magica review.
  16. Write a proper Clannad (and Clannad AS) review.
  17. Become an established anime blogger before I retire.
  18. Do a Vocaloid cover, preferably Aku no Meshitsukai or Hajimete no Oto.
  19. Go to a Hatsune Miku concert.
  20. Meet an anime voice actor/actress, preferably Mamiko Noto, Chiwa Saito or Norio Wakamoto.
  21. Meet Jun Maeda, Gen Urobuchi and/or Akiyuki Shinbou.
  22. Attend Comiket and buy yuri doujinshi from the makers themselves.
  23. Do something to raise awareness on the positive side of anime culture here in my home country (recommending anime to friends, etc). (in progress)

So that’s it. What do you want to do before you kick that anime bucket?

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10 Responses to My Anime Bucket List (@fkeroge’s Project)

  1. Carillus says:

    I’ve gone to a Hatsune Miku concert, lol.
    I think that I just want to continue with what I’m doing currently. Anime’s very relaxing for me. Not really anything much I look forward to accomplish in my anime career besides improving my drawing past its current state.

  2. gold price says:

    I came up with the idea for this when I was reading an article about the TN finale and they were talking about what Skye did to convince Lucas not to kill Josh and they wondered if Skye just talked to Lucas or if she ‘did something from his perverted bucket list’. I found this all very amusing and decided that it was probably the latter and so I decided to write this fic. Basically the story is going to involve one item from Lucas’ bucket list per chapter. If anyone has any ideas for things that Lucas might have on his bucket list feel free to either send them to me in a review and pm. I will credit you for the ideas if you want or if you would prefer to remain anonymous that is fine too. The story starts during the finale and will be loosely canon, it will probably veer away from canon later on but saying that the plot isn’t exactly the most important part of the story.

  3. lostty says:

    Really interesting idea! I’ll try to participate myself, I just first need to figure out 20 different things.

  4. tsurugiarashix says:

    Those are some nice goals. As for myself, I do not think I want to stop what I am doing just yet (however, have decide to cut back), but with my time becoming more limited due to me getting deeper involved in pursing my career goals – I might be tempted to start on it. Just taking it one day at a time for now while marking off small accomplishments…

    (#21 is a really ambitious goal. Wish you the best of luck on it) 😀

  5. Meet Jun Maeda, Gen Urobuchi and/or Akiyuki Shinbou.

    The day you accomplish this your my hero and always will be!

  6. Justin says:

    Hmm, I’ll see about participating, but like Tsurugiarashix don’t think I’ll stop writing about anime or manga even if I do get a job. Then again, you never know what’ll happen of course, but I guess I feel there’s things I need to say. But the cutting back on anime might happen, since I’m swamped with shows -_-

  7. To some, who the idea of a starting a bucket list makes them intimidated or nervous, I suggest to first write out their Accomplished Bucket List (ABL).

  8. Nopy says:

    “13.See Mars of Destruction.” really? I think you should take everyone’s advice and skip it.

    It might take me a while to get around to writing an anime bucket list, but I’ll link back once I have it done.

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