Aniblog Tourney the Second- Valence’s final sentiments

Depicted: Metanorn vs. Whiners.Pro

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! Valence makes his triumphant return from his long unannounced hiatus with guess what: yet another meta post, proving that he has learnt absolutely nothing from participating in the Aniblog Tourney.

To echo @fkeroge’s sentiments, I too have lost interest in the tournament ever since our close defeat by Baka-Raptor, regarding the implied vote-fixing on his part or not. Partially it’s because to me there wasn’t really much reason to stay on anymore since it boiled down to the same few blogs, and that since AOIA has actually survived to the ABT2, partially a reason why it still exists today, dropping out of the Aniblog Tourney really made me lose interest in blogging for a long time. It had roughly the same effect finding porn of your parents online. It really does turn you off, in all senses of the word.

Of course, I never did expect to make it past the group stages, yet this, coupled with my school’s duties and events forced me into unannounced hiatus. But enough about me, what about the tournament? Well, to be honest I really couldn’t care less who went up or not, and I only voted when prodded to (Metanorn. Twitter. All over timeline. Let’s vote, Valence.) So it wasn’t much surprise when Metanorn did win over in the final, given its massive popularity and perhaps, its writer’s attitudes towards the blogosphere in general.

I don’t know about you, but I voted for them because while their content wasn’t objectively superior or anything like that, I would much rather read their blog instead of Whiners.Pro. Something about the communities of both blogs. So while it was true that I once called Metanorn a shiny Christmas ornament, it was a shiny Christmas ornament that people would actually buy and hang up in their houses, regardless of whether it was ironic or not. Or something.

Depicted: Kyokai

Yet it wasn’t much of a surprise when everywhere people popped up admitting voting multiple times for both blogs. While the officials made this a big issue in previous rounds, let’s face it guys: no-one fucking cares. It’s like the things kids do when they want extra cookies- they fucking grab it under your noses like the little grappling little goblins they are. Most people, when given the chance, will vote multiple times. It’s a fact, and no change of voting system will change it. I can’t vouch for our entire team, but I hope they didn’t do so.

However, I must admit I’m guilty for one thing: not writing anything. While I was indeed busy, during my gaps of free time I simply didn’t write anything. Not that I did not watch any anime (I finished Persona 4 among others) or that I had no time to write, I simply chose to play games or surf the web instead. 4chan, as well. For that, I’m doubly guilty. Seeing @fkeroge and Smiley, our newest member, write so much was a guilt trip for me because I had promised to write much more posts and yet, I’ve reverted back to pre-ABT levels plus I had spent so much time becoming a /mu/tant and a Tumblr user. For that, I’m sorry, dear readers, and I’ll try and write at least 1-2 posts a week to get back up to speed. Relative speed, anyway.

AOIA did come out of the tourney a winner in its own regard though. For one we got much more lurkers out there who really should comment because I feel lonely when there are no comments and readers in general. Our daily view count rose to ISSS levels. Although we did lose to Baka-Raptor by 2 votes (I still call vote-fixing!), we have gained much more experience, feedback, readership and motivation. Speaking of our loss, I think it was the closest margin of defeat in the group stages. So I guess we were almost there. For that, I think we deserve a prize.

On the other side, it reads ‘It’s the effort that counts’


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14 Responses to Aniblog Tourney the Second- Valence’s final sentiments

  1. windyturnip says:

    This tournament judges what blogs are the most popular at the time, not the best blogs. A great blog with fewer viewers just isn’t likely to win. Once you get over that fact, the results are a lot easier to swallow. Of course I still don’t understand why people like episodic blogs. I read articles to get new ideas, not to have people tell me what I just finished watching.

    • Valence says:

      I suppose that’s right too. It really doesn’t hold up to its initial premise because of the ability to garner votes. It’s not really judging what you like more by content , but rather, what they think you would like more by following.

      For instance, the match between OP and Lemmas. I couldn’t make up my mind because of this.

  2. Baka-Raptor says:

    Time to reveal my secret voting conspiracy.

    My first two votes came shortly after the match opened. I posted my group tourney post. Then I voted for myself and for you.

    The next day I noticed I was losing by about 40 or so votes. I didn’t expect to make it to the next round, and I didn’t really care, but for the sake for tradition, I posted the third of my biennial 100 Reasons to Vote for Baka-Raptor posts.

    The next day I saw the gap rapidly closing. I watched in amusement as new votes trickled in every hour. I’m guessing one of my readers organized the push.

    I was finally in the lead with an hour or so to go. Finally, with a few minutes to go, and me up by three votes, I voted for you and Avvesione.

  3. lvlln says:

    To be honest, I was hoping you guys would advance with us in the 2 out of 4 round. Really like the content you guys have been putting up recently. And thanks for being honest with your feedback? We’ve started discussions on changes.

    • Valence says:

      Yes, Metanorn is indeed great, but it can be even greater.

      Congratulations on your victory over, by the way.

  4. Mathew says:

    Greets from sg again, Valence (Val would sound too girly). After catching up on all the drama that has been happening, I can’t help but agree with you totally. Could be just me, but I was genuinely irritated by d_s’ way of going about it. I know it is all part of the drama, but she (or was it he) went too far. But that did not bother me as much as the comments on the side. Your point on the differences between the two communities really struck me.
    Thing was that only one person pointed out d_s being a real bitch and all, and inevitably he got laughed at. Nobody else said anything like d_s being so fckin unbearable. Seriously, my blood boiled as much as hers when she watches hadena.
    And kyokai was just naive. Compared to d_s she did not hurt anyone by being over competitive. d_s on the other hand gave serious butthurt. And people liked it. Man, what’s the world coming to. I say with a hah. In my books, d_s is the one who needs a moral compass. What’cha think?

    • Valence says:

      I wouldn’t go as far as to say he needs a moral compass since it’s just his writing style that may come off as abrasive to readers. I think both blogs have their own merits in terms of their writing styles, yet the effect it has on the communities of the two blogs is starkly different.

      For instance, both blogs did do meta posts analysing each round of the Aniblog tourney, yet we can see that the ways they chose to approach the topic and the ways the readership responded marked a visible difference.

      Really, the final matchup could be even argued to simply have been boiled down to a battle between two extremities.

  5. glothelegend says:

    “Our daily view count rose to ISSS levels”

    So they dropped really low?

  6. Wow so you really were affected by it huh :/
    in any case i was suprise at the core, thought youd do better at least but alas questions always arises with this blog tourney.

    their is always the saying
    “ill be back”

  7. Kai says:

    I stopped caring about the tourney to the point that I don’t even know Metanorn and Whiners made it to the final round until I read this post.

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