Medaka Box – Final Impressions

Apparently there’s more coming this fall. I’m not complaining.

Story: 6
Medaka Box has some very fascinating characters. Well that certainly was an understatement, wasn’t it? But while the characters help make Medaka Box interesting, it still lacks a central narrative. Character interactions can only do so much if there’s no direction to the story, and last I checked Medaka Box isn’t slice of life, so this isn’t a good sign. If the manga is any indication, this will improve with the next season, but this review isn’t about season two, so let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.

Production: 5
Average stuff again. The final battle was cool-looking, but that’s fairly standard. I must say that Medaka’s boobs were very well animated, though. Oh wait, this is Gainax.

Action: 7
Medaka goes around befriending troublemakers Nanoha style. ‘Nuff said.

Comedy: 4
Comedy honestly isn’t the main focus of Medaka Box. It’s there, though.

Romance: 0
Nothing to see here… yet. It is a somewhat appropriate tag for the manga overall, but just not for the arc covered in this season.

Bias: +1

Overall Rating: 7/10 (Good)
Medaka Box is definitely better than average in my eyes. However, it isn’t very outstanding either. I suppose this first arc was slightly dull because it essentially serves to introduce the main characters, but that’s still no excuse. I would stick with Medaka Box and go on to watch the next season only because I’ve read the manga and personally think things will in fact improve. For those of you unacquianted with the manga and expecting more from the first season, though, this may take a bit of a leap of faith. Even so, I would recommend this show if you’re looking for some action and don’t mind a ridiculously overpowered main character (Chrome Shelled Regios and Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari come to mind).

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  1. rds says:

    “Medaka box” anime conveys its most important ideas to the viewers by characters’ talking. By characters’ talking. (I repeat it because it’s important. (Thanx, Nyaruko))

    Please enlighten me, how a moving picture that resorts to taking heads to conveys its ideas can be rated “good”?

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