Double Whammy – Two Finales in the course of 2 hours.

On the day I write this post, I’ve watched both the endings of Legend of Korra and Fate Zero in the course of 2 hours. Knowing myself when it comes to finales, this was a f*****g stupid idea but I went ahead with it anyway.

So today’s post, whenever the hell this finally goes up, would be about my impressions to both of  the finales of these wonderful shows I enjoyed. There’s going to be a lot of imcomprehensible text in the next 5 or 6 paragraphs so beware!

You better not spoil my Finale!!!

And if you’re too stupid to realize, there will be spoilers to both Fate Zero Season 2 and Avatar: Legend of Korra.

Well, to get the easier of the two out of the way, Legend of Korra will be up first! Truth to be told, I wasn’t really looking forward to this despite how much I loved the original Avatar: The Last Airbender. It seemed like they were just milking the cash cow and refusing to let the franchise die. But curiosity eventually overpowered me and I started watching the show as Episode 4 aired. Initial impressions of the show were incredible poor. It was like watching the beating of a dead horse with someone telling you “Don’t worry, it’s just asleep”. It really seemed like they were just milking the proverbial cash cow.

You can’t be defeated when you’ve got swag in your veins

They said I could be anything. So I became a Rocket

However, I eventually began to enjoy the show after Episode 3 where LoK began to show it’s own unique flair, detaching from the charm of the original cartoon. The story was in my opinion nowhere are good as the original but it made up for it with action and graphics. In particular, it gives a whole new perspective to the Avatar “world” which was very refreshing. I personally really enjoyed the show on the whole except for a few sections here and there that made me want to faceplam through my skull and headbutt my laptop.

At this point, I learned the art of Jizz-Bending

Now, as for my final impressions of the Finale, I have to say LoK really surprised me in terms of the Revelation of Amon’s identity. It’s probably one of those few shows that really had me scratching my head trying to figure out who the baddie was. Normally it’s glaringly obvious but LoK did a great job on keeping it’s cards close. M Night Shamallhamadingdong ain’t got shit on this. Although the Finale was a tad bit rushed at the end, it met my expectations on the whole and of course, I loved the epic ending scene where Korra enters the AVATAR BOUSE MOOOOOODE. Ending was great and show’s good overall. I was pissed for a moment because I thought they would end it at that but LessThanFree reminded me that there will a season 2 (Well, they have to keep squeezing every penny out of this right?) so I’m happy.



Now, for the way harder of the two. Fate Zero’s ending to me is just like Mawaru’s Penguindrum from a few Anime Seasons back. It left me speechless and the only thoughts that formulated in my head was “What the Flying Banana Flavoured Fuck was that”. And no, I will not censor that. In fact, both shows gave me the same feelings throughout the time I spent watching them. I knew I would be very annoyed at the endings but I never once was given a clue what would happen at the end. They both had twists out the ying yang and every episode was like a fresh new experience of the show’s varied aspects. Then the show would slap you hard in the face and cojones every now and then.

To start off, let me give my impression of Fate Zero overall. This show definitely deserves the 10/10 I gave it on MAL in my opinion and I had very mixed feelings throughout the show. I was pissed at a lot of things occurring and yet, I was also glad some things happened. At times, I wanted to set fire to my laptop and eat my desk and at times, I just wanted to sit down after an episode and ponder it deeply. And being Fate Zero, that normally means I get to do both at once after an episode really often. On the overall, I have to say Fate Zero surpassed my expectations for it.  I’m not kidding when I say that when I first read the blurb I remarked “Oh what, some random shounen action anime crap.” But once again, my curiosity about this massive franchise took over and I watched the first episode with rather low expectations. That meant Fate Zero just bent me over and raped me with it’s thick, throbbing plot and concept.

Oh snap, I left the stove on

I loved the art, animation and graphics of the show. Considering it’s popularity, it’s easy to see why they had the cash to splurge on such things. I’m not sure about the first anime made about the series as I’ve never watched it but this was really visually appealing. In terms of plot, it was like reading one of the better Warhammer 40k novels I own. I start of thinking “Ah shit, I know the ending” before it proves me wrong at the second chapter. Not necessarily a bad thing as in these cases, it’s really fun to be proven wrong and I’m glad I was. If I was right, Fate Zero would have been some random shitstorm that would seem like a bad 1980s gangster movies. With lots of fighting with swords.

My heart gave out at this scene. Then the next scene crushed my heart in it’s claws

To say I love won’t be an exaggeration although Last Exile still took it’s place as my current favourite anime, it was really close to being my favourite. I really liked Fate Zero throughout the course of it’s airing. Every Sunday for the last 12 weeks, I would wake up and the first thing I did was torrent the next episode of Fate Zero season 2. Which is odd because I normally shower first.

Now, for my impressions for the Finale of Fate Zero. I will just put in the words of the wise Valence:

He wasn’t talking about Fate Zero of course but I thought it was apt to quote him as I remarked that his tweet is very quotable. Either way, that was my impression of it. It was f******g stupide because it left me feeling terrible about myself. Never has a show made me feel so bad for all my favourite character. And I love Fate Zero for that. Yeah! Leave everyone feeling sour!

The face of a man who knew he messed up. Bad

But really, I was rather upset at the ending. Emiya Kiritsugu and Kariya Matou, my two favourite characters both got pretty much royally screwed over. In fact, Kariya’s dead. This can all be linked to one of my previous posts about this matter where I said that these two chaps won’t get a “And they lived happily ever -fucking after” I felt terrrrrible for them. Then Fate Zero showed what happened to Rin and I wanted to go into a berserker rage and strangle a soft toy to death. Yes, I was going to animate my sister’s soft toy to life then kill it till it was dead.

Hey, Kirei, paint me like one of your French Girls

To get it out of the way, I’ll just put a few of my tweets up:

Ain’t this post just pleasant with all these vulgarities? Well, they do sum up my thoughts well. Since that is my Twitter account so those ARE my thoughts.

However, I still thought it was good end. The only real gripe I have was that they didn’t really explain why the Grail retaliated and destroyed part of Fuyuki City. Maybe I’m just too thick to realize why. It set up a really good base for it’s continuation, Fate Stay/Night and the emotions it’s meant to invoke was done really well. I’m still very pissed at what happens to Rin. She’s my favourite girl from the whole damn franchise. In conclusion, Fate Zero had a wonderful end that pissed me off because it was good (Yes, that is a questionable statement. But screw it). It invoked all the right reactions in me that I expected out of it’s Finale and it did show what happens to everyone in the end. I found the bit about Lancelot’s last words about Saber and Saber’s thoughts about herself to be my favourite bit. Really strong stuff there. Fate Zero has left me with a burning desire to play the Visual Novel for Fate Stay/Night



In reference to one of my tweets



All the Awesome

Now that we’ve reached the end of this post, I hoped you’ve enjoyed it because it will probably be a bit before you see any of my posts. My Chinese “O” levels are literally in the next f*****g week and I have to prepare for that.

Why not have some Yuri?

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6 Responses to Double Whammy – Two Finales in the course of 2 hours.

  1. Azure says:

    I’ve kept both series on my “to marathon once they complete” list but darn you twitter and tumblr. Left and right people are throwing spoilers at me, even if I already read Fate/Zero and know full well how it ends I’m pretty sure the novel never mentioned naked Gil though)
    Loli Rin should totally have stabbed Kirei with that effing dagger the moment she got it and…
    Well, I’m pretty much just mind blown over Gilgamesh in all his full nakkid glory sitting in that fabulous max pose of his over Kirei.

  2. Alterego 9 says:

    It’s not the F/0 ending that is fucking stupid, but the very idea of watching it without first reading the main story.

    • I kinda know what happens in Fate Stay/Night but the ending for Fate/Zero just made me terrible because all my favourite characters got screwed over royally.

      But as said, I still thought it was a great ending but “stupid” because it wasn’t a “good” ending, at least not to what I wanted the ending to be.

  3. windyturnip says:

    Fate/Zero had so much potential that went to waste in the character development department. I was always waiting for an episode that really delivered, and, admittedly, a few did. But so many characters were either poorly developed or ignored all together (Kirei and Kariya). Fate/Zero was good, but it should have been great.

    • I agree. They should have spent a bit more time on some of the characters but I still thought the show was excellent overall. I actually think not much could be done to really explain Kariya and Kirei but it would be interesting to see what could have been done

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