Upotte!! – Final Impressions

Upotte!! really missed the mark for me. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Story: 4
Haha, what story? Every time it looked like things might actually start getting serious, Upotte does a quick 180 and goes back to being pointless. Despite the show being about “guns”, I was already expcting nothing much to happen when I read the synopsis and saw the art, so you can imagine my excitement when someone actually got shot. A perfect opportunity to insert some shocking development and take the show further, yes? No; instead, the victim gets better, and next episode it’s back to cute girls and facepalm-worthy body part/underwear analogies.

Production: 5
As usual, nothing really stood out in this department. I read a review that said the art is horrible. It’s not that bad; I’ve seen worse. I guess I could attempt to comment on the accuracy of the portrayal of the rifles, but this isn’t a blog about guns and I’m no gun expert.

Action: 5
Well, this certainly was tough to rate. I wouldn’t say that Upotte truly has any “action”, but on the surface it does have gunfights (didn’t see that one coming). It was a nice touch to throw in some strategic thinking instead of just giving us random fight scenes for the heck of it, though.

Comedy: 4
Ok we get it, the L85 is a terrible weapon. Now can we please have a different joke? For those who said that the comedy in Kore wa Zombie is bad, please direct your attention to Upotte. This is what bad comedy is like.

Bias: +1

Overall Rating: 5/10 (Average)
Upotte just barely makes the cut as an “average” show in my book. I’d call it “subpar”, but I reserve that rating for the truly terrible stuff that manages to sneak into the list of what I watch. I don’t know if I would really recommend this show to anyone for any reason aside from the moe/ecchi factor. Still, if you find yourself bored and with absolutely nothing to do, it can’t hurt to pick it up just to kill some time.

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6 Responses to Upotte!! – Final Impressions

  1. Robert Tene says:

    I agree! This show sucks balls! And who the heck said kore wa zombie desu ka is not funny? That shoe is seriously funny! I just love the randomness!

    • Smiley says:

      Saying that a show sucks is using some very strong language, but it’s true that Upotte!! does leave a lot to be desired.

  2. Franco says:

    I love weapons… Problems’ XD

  3. Meowkins says:

    This show did not “suck” although it truly had no real story behind it, it certainly was entertaining. Instead of it being an action show (considering the fact that they are human versions of a weapon) I think they were aiming towards more of a slice of life comedy (gun style) Keep in mind that they had to spend almost every episode introducing a new weapon, where they came from, and how they worked. Which was completely understandable for the fact that 90% of the audience knew nothing about these weapons for example the beef with AK and the m16 and or the western vs the eastern weapons that’s been going down for ages now. But I certainly do agree with the rating this was giving by this blogger (sorry can’t seem to find his/her name on this page, on my iPhone.) despite it being very entertaining for me

  4. r042 says:

    Firstly, it’s consistently funny to me that FPS games with the L85 make it amazing. Perhaps EA should watch Upotte to research their next patch for BF3?

    Secondly, I agree with all of this. From what I saw (on the back of glowing recommendations!) it was horrifically unfunny and laboured and odd bits of trivia couldn’t save it.

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