Ii Tatakai Datta – Post-tourney Post

I’m so not gonna cry!

Well, we lost…

The competition was so tight. We were so close to qualifying for the next round, but the inevitable happened and the people will now get their dream matches for the next round. Of course, I’m a little sad and disappointed considering the amount of effort that the AOIA team put in this tourney, but I guess there’s no use crying over spilled milk. It’s time to move on and continue to deliver our promise of quality posts.

That said, we at AOIA would like to request feedback so we can continue to improve our little space on the ‘net. What do we do right? What should we avoid? What do we have to do so that AOIA will dominate in the next tourney? All feedback would be much appreciated.

Congratulations to Metatron Metanorn and Wally Gator Baka-Raptor for making it to the next round. We will still be here, along with Nova Sieve Avvesione, cheering on our comrades from the best Aniblog Tourney group in all of Circlejerkia, Group 5.

PS – I promised on twitter that I would write a post about yuri if we qualify for the next round. We didn’t qualify, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I posted one of those anyway.


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5 Responses to Ii Tatakai Datta – Post-tourney Post

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    I was aiming for a tie, but I screwed up and ended up winning. Sorry.

    • Valence says:

      Your strategy was nice – voting for both BR and Avvesione and so on. Well, you forgot that people genuinely wanted to vote for you so some solo votes also went through as well.

  2. Smiley says:

    I was actually surprised that we ended up having so many votes. That alone was inspiring enough.

  3. moichispa says:

    So now is time to create new and interesting post so that the fanbase will be bigger next year.

  4. Someone says:

    You guys do pretty much everything right. You’re goofy and fun and that’s the way the aniblogosphere should be. I honestly think this is an under-appreciated blog. I like Valence’s ball-to-the-wall harshness, @fkeroge’s critical reviews, etc. I think everybody working on this blog is lively and contributes meaningfully.

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