@fkeroge’s Super Subjective Reviews! – ABT Round 3, Group 5 Edition: Avvesione’s Anime Blog


The third merciless anime blog review by yours truly. Today, I give you Avvesione’s Anime Blog!

Avvesione is a master of the arts of TL;DR. Look at his latest post about Sakamichi no Apollon. One episode. Eight hundred sixty-one words. Only five paragraphs. Indeed, Avvesione, with his eloquence, proves himself to be one of the tourney’s greatest when it comes to writing novels.

Avvesione is also a very considerate man. He provides his readers with the smallest font size possible to assist them in reading his super lengthy posts. He understands that a smaller font size would save precious vertical space. This technique allows for the optimum reading environment for people with bad eyesight, like me.

Optimum reading experience.

Not only are Avvesione‘s posts designed to cater to the average internet denizen’s attention span, Avvesione offers a very streamlined and very simple blog header. Who needs images when you can just present your blog title in white Times New Roman in a dark gray background? It’s sleek, it’s sexy, and it’s exciting as hell.

Sexy AND functional! Mostly, you just get one of these!

The posts themselves are mostly episodics and weekly reviews. But instead of going for a mainstream approach like other blogs that are not called AOIA, Avvesione prefers to write about “topics that are of particular interest to [him].” What are these things, you ask? Well…

“Combining a new look (one I like more) and a new personality (eh… kinda like the oldYurika better), our determined heroine has realized her dream and is with the man she loves.”

Here, Avvesione makes it very clear that he likes short hair more than long hair AND says that he likes the “oldYurika” better. Never once have I seen such a clear statement of preference! Only a true genius would think of sneaking in his personal thoughts into a recap of an episode through the outstanding use of parentheses.

“Perhaps the most immediate is the fact that the preexisting ideas on who’s chasing who have already disintegrated or reversed to the point where no one, not even the characters themselves, know who’s is pursuing who.  Not only will this lead to more confusion, pain, and potential suffering but it will also cause the characters [in Sakamichi no Apollon] to reevaluate their current crushes now that their former crush is chasing after them after seemingly rejecting them in the first half.”

This excerpt delves into the complexity of relationships between the characters of a terrible show. Such patience and willpower to write about a sappy excuse for a love polygon should be considered superhuman. Avvesione, you have outdone yourself yet again!

“As each episode [of Jormungand] has taken us to a distinct area of the globe, every setting has allowed Jormungand to explore and expose various topics, ideas, and trials that would otherwise be unmanageable with only a single, defined location for which to base the anime off of…

…If an episode is selected to take place in some distinct location, it limits the possibilities for the story to be narrated over, but, if the selection is ideal, the setting will be able to improve or develop the story over a number of other options.”

Here, Avvesione provides a perfect generalization about settings in anime. Indeed, it is impossible to develop the story from different angles using only one location. For example, Madoka Magica wasn’t able to present a lot of different ideas due to the fact that the story is contained in the small city of Mitakihara, and Steins;Gate’s narrative was heavily encumbered by its limitations within the district of Akihabara. Obviously, the location makes all the difference, not the characters themselves.

A random picture associated with “Avvesione” that I found on Google.

Overall, Avvesione’s Anime Blog is a blog that you should check out if you;re interested. Even though he writes painfully lengthy posts, Avvesione has a lot of interesting ideas from a viewer standpoint. He may not be as critical as other bloggers, but he sure does put a lot of thought into his posts. If you’re to choose a site to vote for aside from AOIA, please consider voting for Avvesione as well. I give Avvesione’s Anime Blog a personal MABL (MyAnimeBlogList) rating of 6.


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  1. avvesione says:

    Awesome post, glad you were able to write one for everyone in this group. And I think you nailed my blog perfectly in this post. I’m been running the idea of having better banners for my blog and I might just get started on that soon since you reminded me about it again.

    Thanks for the “critiques” again and good luck to you and your blog in the ABT!

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  4. Someone says:

    I LOL’d at this little blogger conversation. Also, good podcast you guys did.

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