@fkeroge’s Super Subjective Reviews! – ABT Round 3, Group 5 Edition: Baka-Raptor

RPG’s are so last decade. Stinger Missiles are all the rage!

You thought anime blogs could escape my wrath? Hah!

Today, I’ll be looking at a particularly famous anime blog: Baka-Raptor.

Baka-Raptor‘s blog serves no purpose. He obviously doesn’t like blogging at all. Just look at his front page. I haven’t seen a front page as unappealing as this one all my life. No pictures, no summaries, no nothing. Any page of my 1000-page organic chemistry textbook looks much more interesting than his front page.

Baka-Raptor hates himself. I mean, what’s up with that title? When I first saw this site years ago, I thought that this was a blog dedicated to a crappy cartoon character by the name of Wally Gator.


The title itself poses a lot of potential problems. Baka-Raptor? When I first saw this, these were my thoughts:

Baka-Raptor? Cow Raptor? Wait, what? No, no. That’s just stupid. Maybe he’s going for the Japanese word for stupid. Stupid Raptor? Really? Well, considering that his avatar looks like Wally Gator, I suppose this is only appropriate.

Baka is the Tagalog word for cow. I’m so funny.

I know that these problems would be easily ignored if the posts themselves are of high quality, but that small hope of mine was easily crushed when I found out that most of Baka-Raptor‘s posts are as outdated as a 9gag meme. Most of Baka-Raptor‘s posts are comprised of rants about stuff that most people should have gotten over with by now.

I mean, just look at this post of his about the Unlimited Blade Works Movie. Never mind the fact that the movie sucked, look at the date when this was posted – May 4, 2012. Wow.

>caring about Fate/Stay Night

By his own admission, Baka-Raptor was inspired by The Best Page in the Universe. This is all well and good until you realize that the only similarity left in these two blogs is the horrible page format. Sure, Baka-Raptor‘s site looks better, but Maddox writes a whole lot better even though I don’t care about most of the stuff he writes.

In conclusion, Baka-Raptor is an awesome site and you should check it out. It has flaws, but what in the world doesn’t? Baka-Raptor is also a great guy who was gracious enough to appear in our group podcast. If you were to vote another site aside from this one, consider voting for him too. I give Baka-Raptor my personal MABL (MyAnimeBlogList) rating of 7.


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19 Responses to @fkeroge’s Super Subjective Reviews! – ABT Round 3, Group 5 Edition: Baka-Raptor

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, you’re meeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaan 😦

  2. Hidoi yo~ Kidding.

    Also, if Wally had a blog, it would be a barf coloured one, not black. xD

  3. Smiley says:

    I thought I might have to get off my butt and make an ABT round 3 post for us, but it looks like you’ve got things covered. Who had the cars honking in the background of the podcast, btw?

  4. Jay says:

    > Baka-Raptor calling @fk mean
    > @fk giving a MABL score of 7

    Contradicting statements, perhaps?

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