Natsuiro Kiseki – Mind Gutter

So here I was, watching episode eight of Natsuiro Kiseki innocently…

except my college student mind was deep in the gutter. I’m not going to attempt to explain why, but when Yuka whipped out that bag of balloons, I immediately thought it was a bag of condoms. Heck, condoms don’t even usually come in fun size bags like some 24-ounce bag of Butterfingers. In any case, try watching episode eight of Natsuiro Kiseki with the impression that they are talking about a bag of condoms. I guarantee you, it’ll make the show much more entertaining.

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One Response to Natsuiro Kiseki – Mind Gutter

  1. ilegendC says:

    *rubs eyes* OMG, I want one of the red coloured ones! ;D

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