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Why (Most) Subs Suck

I recently read an article by Baka-Raptor¬†(who we’ll be facing in the four-way aniblog tourney round this Wednesday)¬†about a particular line in the Crunchyroll localization of Madoka Magica’s first episode:

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If you couldn’t already tell from the menu, we now have an IRC channel! It’s still a WIP, but feel free to drop by and have a chat. If you have an IRC client, you can find us at #aoia … Continue reading

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Sankarea – Indifference, or is it ignorance?

Someone is screaming! What do you do? a) Run over to see what’s wrong. b) It’s probably fine. Nothing to see here.

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Kids on the Slope is Overrated

There, I said it.

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