Eureka Seven AO – Real World Economics

And as expected, Ao joins Generation Bleu.


We also learn more about the state of affairs yet again. Looks like trapar is being traded as a fuel source. This isn’t too surprising when you realize that all the FPs need trapar to function. The interesting thing, though, is the way it’s now being treated like oil. In E7, trapar was just everywhere in the air, and kind of taken for granted. In contrast to this, trapar in AO can only be obtained through some effort (such as mining). I’m guessing the Okinawa Islands are rich in trapar, and thus sought independence to exploit their resources by selling the trapar.

Given the importance of trapar to practically all of the machinery in AO, though, the rest of the world quite naturally disagreed with this course of action. Hence, we have the current conflict between “outsiders” such as the Alliance and Japan and the “native” islanders. Now that I think about it, this is actually a pretty strong statement about the world that we live in today. The parallel between trapar and oil is very obvious, but I think that the situation in AO is a little more dramatized than how things really play out in reality.

Quite coincidentally, I’m currently taking a course on energy sources, so I do know a little about how things work. First of all, the way the protestors seem to want to horde the trapar for themselves is a little silly. What would you do with all that “fuel” for yourself? Make your little nation the king of the world? What the government did by selling the trapar to everyone else actually makes more sense. Call it “selling out” (no pun intended), but it makes sense when it comes to economics and the development of mankind as a whole. There’s no need to be snobby elitist asses. You should instead be eager to help the rest of the world and make a little money to go along with it.

Realistically speaking, the companies that mine the trapar wouldn’t even want to support the protestors. What do they stand to gain by hording the fuel? Nothing. They would just be wasting their time and money by sitting on such a valuable reasource. Even if the protestors did succeed in forcing the government to horde the trapar, I’m certain the mining companies would develop their own black market or just stop mining altogether. Then who’s going to get your precious trapar for you, huh? In anycase, I’ll overlook the silliness of the situation by passing it off as story-telling.

Focusing back on the episode, Ao now finds himself the most wanted man in the world. Everyone wants a piece of him, from the “Alliance” (apparently lead by the US) to the Japanese army. Oh, and also Naru and Fleur, but that’s a different story. Luckily for him though, Generation Bleu seems to be some sort of “safe haven” for “children like him”. The preview shows a bunch of other kids who I presume have some sort of “potential”  to pilot IFOs, which would be a nod to Evangelion. This confuses me though, as the Alliance seems to have IFOs of their own that would appear to be piloted by adults. But perhaps those are just tricked out FPs. In any case, I guess we’ll find out come next week.

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